Tougher Gun Control Backfires in Maryland as Gun Applications Skyrocket


The last thing that gun-control ideologues want is more guns in the hands of law-abiding Americans. Unfortunately for them, that’s exactly what is happening in droves, at least in the very liberal, very blue state of Maryland. Applications for firearm buys are skyrocketing in Maryland as a preemptive action ahead of the state’s harsh, new, gun-control law. The law in question will impose magazine-capacity restrictions and even outlaw the sale of certain kinds of assault weapons.

According to Fox News, the state police of Maryland got more than 85,000 firearm applications from the start of the year through to August 31. Compared to 2012, that is a significant increase, as last year saw only 70,099 applications. 2011 was even worse in the state, with just 46,339 applications being filed all year long. According to Maryland State Police Sergeant Marc Black, the massive increase in firearm applications is not surprising and was anticipated by police.

The harsh, new, gun-control law goes into effect on October 1. Ahead of this date, gun dealers all over Maryland are professing how overwhelmed they have been with firearm orders and purchases.

The new anti-gun law takes no prisoners, as far as tightening firearm restrictions goes. When the Democrat-controlled state legislature passed the bill earlier in the year, its lawmakers outlawed 45 different kinds of assault weapons. The catch here, however, is that people who already own those specific types of assault weapons will still be able to retain their ownership of them.

In addition to the severe approach to various kinds of assault weapons, the harsh, new piece of legislation will also restrict the magazines of handguns to just 10 rounds. Finally, anyone in the state who wants to obtain a license in order to purchase a new handgun must submit his fingerprints to the state police.

Punitive measures are also part of the new piece of legislation. Police in the state now have the power to suspend gun dealers’ licenses if they should refuse to cooperate with the new record-keeping mandates. This specific provision is going to permit the state police to complement enforcement efforts of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. The new law also makes it mandatory for gun owners to report either stolen or lost guns to the police.

As with many stepped-up gun-control measures throughout 2013, Maryland’s harsher anti-gun laws are the result of Democrat exploitation of the Newtown, Connecticut, school shooting from December 2012. Democrat Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley himself proposed the new piece of legislation in January 2013 as a direct answer to the school shooting.

Even though gun control has dropped off the face of the national political scene—as President Barack Obama struggles with the fallout of his scandals, a bad economy and possible U.S. entanglement  in Syria—the issue is still red-hot locally and in many states.


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