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Whitetail Deer Hunting Tips?

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Default Whitetail Deer Hunting Tips?

Does anyone have any great bowhunting tips to consider when Hunting Whitetail from treestands?

What are some good tactics to get whitetail close to the area?
How high should I place my stand in the tree in oreder to not have to worry about wind and my scent?
How long should I wait after taking a shot on a deer in order to begin tracking?

Any suggestions to these questions and other helpful tips?
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Welcome to the forum.
1. Find where the deer are living when they're not feeding, basically their bedding area. Find out what they are feeding on when they are active. Put your stands on trails that lead between the two areas.

2. Always pay attention to the wind. It's the most dependable way to hide your scent. Place your stands where you have good cover to hide movement. Stands too high make it difficult to make good shots when the deer are close.

3. I get down immediately. If I made a good shot, that deer will be dead before I get out of the tree. If I determine that it's a possible gut shot, I'll back out quietly and come back 6 hours later or overnight, whichever comes first.
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First, make sure your foot is in the tree that has a lot of bottom cover to hide the contour. This is more important than the smell problem if you ask me. I would like to get your position at least 16 feet above ground if you want less than the possibility of being arrested. Usually about 20 to go with my climber, but the stairs is usually 15 'or so. Always make sure to sprinkle a kind of smell the product smell before entering the stall. Also, do not use your hunting clothes when you're not looking. Keep closed in a bag or container when you are not fishing. Put it before leaving, sprinkle with the smell killer, and it should be fine (rubber boots also helps very much).
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You do not have to be 16 feet up in a tree, all that does is increases the angle of the shot making it more difficult to make a good shot. My permanent tree stand which has the top open is 10 feet high and I have shot deer almost under it and a couple 8 or 9 feet away. Additionally, lots of deer are killed by hunters on the ground. You also don't have to take a pee bottle either, urine is urine to a deer and they just may investigate it if they smell it.

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Wingbone gave you pretty good advise except for the getting down immediately part. Watch the deer as long as you can and mark in your mind the last place you saw it after the hit. I wait around half an hour after the shot even if I know I made a good hit. I've actually watched many of my archery hit deer lay down and expire. Moving right after the shot will push a deer that may have laid down just 20 or so yards from the hit. That's a mistake a lot of people make in archery. There is little to no shock value from archery equipment like there is with a firearm and often times they won't go very far if they aren't pushed. Another thing is to always have an exceptionally good light for blood trailing in the evenings and mark your blood trails in case you lose the sign and have to backtrack to pick it back up again. If you passed through the animal, try your best to find your arrow. There is a lot of detail that arrow sign can give you about the shot. The color of the blood on it will tell you if you made an arterial hit or a lung hit or the dreaded liver or gut hit. Bright red=Arterial, Pinkish and foamy looking=Lung, dark red to brownish=Liver, White stuff usually means one of 2 things, no mans land and you missed vitals and probably didn't have a lethal hit or you laid open the gut and you will have a hard time finding it. Greenish stuff is a direct gut shot.
Most people, me included, usually take their stands to between 15 and 20 feet dependent on the surrounding cover. If at all possible, one should practice shooting from these heights as shooting inclined is a lot different from shooting from the ground.
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I've recently started doing some research into deer hunting, but currently am not even sure which way I am going, much less what to look for. I've been looking for a rifle scope on https://www.atncorp.com/smart-hd-weapon-sight for deer hunting. They seem to be quality products.
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there are hundreds of subleties in deer hunting just as anything...subtleties make the difference...i have been hunting since the sixties and am still learning...as far as when to get down after a shot?? it varies for a lot of reasons...if u KNOW u made a good shot, and it's getting dark fast,,then maybe get down immediately..i'd give it a few minutes anyway..have a good headlamp....but the best tip in all of deer hunting history is to build a little pinestraw fire and smoke the s#$@T out of yourself just before going out
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pretty simple
1) find a food source deer prefer
2) set up in a blind, on the ground, or in a tree stand
3) when a live deer walks buy
4) make him dead
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At first you need to identify the places where the deer can be present by scouting. Travelling corridors, thickets, creeks and rivers are the places you should keep your eyes on. Deer also can be found on the fields while they're finding food. But my advice is to be persistent, and always be ready to deliver the kill shot.
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There are plenty of factors that can fall into this.

#1: Find an area where there is food sources on the ground as well as some good cover.
#2: Find deer trails and follow off to the side of them to see where they go
#3: Find there bedding areas (Can be very effective)
#4: make sure when you are hunting you know which way the wind is blowing. The deer will most often walk into the wind so they can smell easier.
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