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newbie needing help finding squirrels

Old 10-17-2022, 02:26 PM
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Default newbie needing help finding squirrels

This is my first year hunting so i'm starting out with squirrel and need some help. I've been out 3 times this year and i'm using a Ruger 10/22 but that's irrelevant because i haven't seen any squirrels yet! Actually the first time out, i spotted one in a tree in my first 10 minutes and thought "oh, this will be easy". Shot and missed and that was the last squirrel i saw. Its' frustrating because i crossed paths with deer hunters a couple times who said they saw squirrels out there on the ground but i didn't see any.

Like i said, i'm new at this but i've read a lot about it and also talked to a lot of people to figure out the best technique. I start between 8-9AM, walk in the woods until i see some trees with nuts then sit down for 45 minutes to an hour and just wait. After an hour i go to another spot. I THINK i hear some squirrels occasionally but i can never see them. Even scanning the area with binoculars. I think they're there but just can't see them. I've read the tips and tricks section for help. Is there a knack to looking around for squirrel so you can spot them?

Am i doing something wrong? Is it better to walk around slowly then sit in one place?
will it be easier when the leaves fall off the trees? I'm thinking they'll be easier to spot then.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm usually out there about 2 1/2 hours. I'd stay out longer if i saw some action but it gets frustrating.
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You're doing all the right stuff.

It will be easier when the leaves are off.

Often people think of city squirrels when they hear about squirrel hunters. A wild squirrel in the big woods is a total different animal. Especially if you're in an area with lots of predators.

They hide well. They can freeze on a branch for a long time waiting for you to leave.

Keep hunting the food sources. You'll find them.

Some areas have less than others of course. Keep at it.
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What state and region you hunting in ? If your able , I would be in the woods a half hour before sunrise.
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Thanks. They do seem to be a lot more stealthy than the squirrels in my neighborhood! I'll keep at it.

I'm in the Cincinnati, OH area. I was thinking about getting there before sunrise but i figured if i'm having trouble seeing them in the daylight, i'd never see them in the dark.
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Thumbs up sq hunting

my advice is to walk as quietly as possible and only stop if you see a sq. some times the sq will run a little way or up a tree and then stop to figure out what you are, thats your shot. if you are spotted and the sq is spooked try to stop and sit and watch to either side . sometimes they are curious and will circle around around for a closer look.
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Originally Posted by hagaje
Early morning or late afternoon: Squirrels are generally more active during these times, especially in the hours just after sunrise and before sunset. Consider adjusting your hunting schedule to coincide with these periods.

Movement: Instead of waiting for a long time in one spot, try moving slowly and quietly through the woods. Squirrels might be more active on the ground or climbing nearby trees, and moving can help you spot them.

Scouting: Before your hunting day, spend some time scouting the area to look for signs of squirrel activity. Look for chewed nuts, droppings, or nests in the trees. This will give you a better idea of where to focus your efforts.

Be patient and observant: Squirrel hunting requires keen observation skills. Look for slight movements, twitching branches, or listen for rustling sounds. Squirrels are small and can blend well into their surroundings, so you need to train your eyes to spot their movements.

Binoculars: You've already been using binoculars, which is a good practice. Keep using them to scan the trees and the ground for any signs of squirrel activity.

Learn their habitat: Squirrels prefer specific types of trees and areas with abundant nuts, such as oaks, hickories, and beeches. Understanding their preferred habitats can help you narrow down your search.

Camouflage and concealment: Consider wearing camo clothing to help you blend into the environment better. Also, try to find a spot that provides good cover and keeps you hidden from the squirrels' sight.

Practice shooting: Since you're using a Ruger 10/22, practice your shooting skills to improve accuracy. Remember, squirrels are small targets, and a steady hand is essential.

Patience and persistence: Hunting takes time and experience. Don't get discouraged if you don't see immediate results. The more time you spend in the woods, the better you'll become at spotting squirrels and anticipating their behavior.
Better check with your states laws because most states require wearing flourescent orange material for squirrel hunting.
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Originally Posted by Oldtimr
Better check with your states laws because most states require wearing flourescent orange material for squirrel hunting.
Ohio doesn't.

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Originally Posted by Bocajnala
Ohio doesn't.

WV doesn't either
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Find a grove of Hickory trees, get in ( quietly) before day light and sit quietly until sun up. you'll have plenty of squirrel activity. You can also hunt the same area in the afternoon with great results. The keys are: hunt the food sources, stay quiet and patience.
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Squirrels are commonly found in parks, wooded areas, and forests. Look for them in trees, especially around the branches and trunks where they often climb and nest.
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