Federal Premium Introduces B.O.R. Lock Lead Muzzleloader Bullet


ANOKA, Minnesota – September 17, 2015 – Last fall, Federal Premium® transformed muzzleloader capabilities with the B.O.R. Lock MZ™ System and the Trophy Copper Muzzleloader Bullet. Now, that technology expands to include a new hard-hitting lead version. Shipments of this new product are currently being delivered.

Like its predecessor, the B.O.R. Lock MZ Lead Bullet provides outstanding accuracy in a non-sabot design that’s easy to load, scrubs fouling from the breech and ensures consistent bullet seating. The system’s polymer cup is attached to the bullet base, and is pushed forward onto raised bands along the bullet shank during ignition. This expands the cup’s diameter, engaging the rifling and optimizing velocity and accuracy.

The rear of the B.O.R. Lock MZ cup features a hard, fiber-reinforced polymer ring that scours fouling from the breech as the bullet is pushed into place. This decreases the need to clean between shots and makes it easy to seat the bullet at the exact same depth for every shot. Because there’s no bulky sabot, required loading force averages about half that of most sabot bullets.


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