Deer Habitat – Pine Tree Plantations


Pine tree plantations are located across the US. This consist of large coniferous trees. Coniferous trees are trees which bear cones. Most coniferous trees keep their leaves, or pines, year round. This provides the deer with an ample amount of food, even during the winter. The leaves also provide the deer with shelter, both in the summer and the winter.

Although coniferous trees never lose their leaves, they do shed them. This blankets the forest floor with a thick bed of pines. Deer use this blanket to their advantage. The pines provide a soft bed for the deer to sleep in at night; the deer may also dig into the pines to provide warmth. The bed is also thick enough so that fawns can hide under them when evading a predator.

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The pine tree plantations can prove very useful to the deer, especially during the winter months. It is during these months that these coniferous trees give deer added protection, which deciduous trees cannot.


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