Crock Pot Coon


Crock Pot Coon

Cook Time: 0

Serving Size: 2


  • 2 lbs deboned raccoon meat
    (make sure all fax, and scent glands are removed)
    1 pkg McCormicks stew mix
    1 bag of frozen stew vegatables
    1 medium potato, diced
    Pkg Tony chacheries Cajun Seasoning
    Tabasco sauce to taste.


  1. Start by deboning a medium sized raccoon.
    After the meat is removed, remove all fat from the meat.
    There is usually a large chunk of fat, between the muscles of the rear legs.
    The next step is a very important to keep the flavor mild, and not gamey.
    Remove all the glands.
    A raccoon has glands in the same locations as pigs.
    They look like small gray raisens, and are located on the sides of the neck, under the front legs, and towards the rear of the back legs.
    Dice the meat up in bite size chunks.
    Dredge meat chunks in the Cajun Seasoning, making sure each piece is fully covered.
    Bring a cast iron griddle to medium heat, use a little olive oil and brown meat on all sides.
    Remove meat from griddle and combine with vegetables in a 2 qt crock pot.
    Add 4 cups of water, 2 Tbsp of cajun seasoning and stir throughly to make sure seasoning is well distribued.
    Cook on high setting for SIX hours.
    Add tabasco to taste.
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