After The Shot


After you delivered a fatal shot, it is important to wait about 45 minutes after the kill before searching for it. Deer sometimes survive a little bit even after a precise shot, and if you come upon it while it is still alive, it will be spooked and the adrenaline will start pumping hard. If this happens, the deer will survive even longer, thus enabling it to run even further out of your reach- reducing the chances of finding him.

It’s important to follow the blood trail. Knowing the types of blood can determine whether or not it was a good shot. If the blood is dark red, the deer was hit in the vitals. If the blood is lighter in color, he was hit somewhere else on his body and there may be a slight possibility he will survive in this situation.

When you find your dead deer, approach it cautiously, in case it is wounded but laying motionless. Always come upon it from behind, poking your gun butt or tip of arrow into the rump to make sure it is dead. Never approach it head on for safety measures- if still alive, it may try to attack.

After making sure the deer is dead, field dressing can proceed.


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