Backcountry Outfitters'  Field Journal
Mark Werner was raised in a small town in British Columbia, and started his hunting career at the young age of eleven. It was then that he shot his first 19 inch black bear with his dad and legendary hunter Robert Kitto. His passion for hunting continued as he grew, he took his first whitetail spike at twelve years old; first four by four trophy mule buck at fourteen; and took at six point bull elk at sixteen. Mark and his father were hunting partners until his father passed away of cancer when Mark was seventeen. In his earlier years Mark’s father was a trapper from the Prairies of Saskatchewan and his dream was to retire from the Military and run a trap line and guide area.

Through Mark’s hunting adventures through out British Columbia he became friends with two legendary outfitters; Barry Thompkins, and Miles and Sherry Bradford. Both outfitters encouraged him to pursue his own guiding career. After a lot of searching for the right territory, Mark and his hunting partner Troy Larson found renowned trapper, author and master guide outfitter, Bernard McKay. Bernard was looking to retire from the outfitting business and his territory holds a large tract of untouched wild country that is home to most of the big game species of British Columbia. Mark and Troy’s families have been enjoying the day to day life of outfitters, cutting trail, exploring untouched country, building cabins, and providing big game hunting adventures in British Columbia, for clients from around the world.

During the off season Mark and Troy enjoy pursuing the trophies of British Columbia. They have recently taken some outstanding trophy animals such as mountain goat, stone sheep, and grizzly, as well as elk, caribou, moose, whitetail and mule deer bucks. Mark’s passion for hunting has been passed on to his three sons. They enjoy spending as much time as they can in the guide area, and trap line with their dad.

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To Guide The Master Guide -12/26/2005
The end of another season. The last hunter and trophies have been dropped off at the airport and the final clean up around camp has been completed. Whew....…time to relax and hunt for ourselves ...

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