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The Campbell Outdoor Challenge features team competitions in “The Sport of Filming Hunts” and is open to anyone wanting to compete, regardless of age or experience level. Join Hosts John Campbell, Dustan Klaus, Jeremy Leu and all the challenge teams each week as they face new hunting challenges. Challenge competitions feature hunter and cameraman teams matching their skills in filming hunts in several states for various wild, free ranging game. Challenges give everyday hunters and cameramen a chance to showcase their skills on national television. Challenges are open to anyone wishing to compete regardless of age or experience level. Teams are awarded points based upon required video footage and the maturity of the animal filmed during the hunt. Most of the viewers of wildlife hunting shows and videos have no idea how much of a challenge (hence the name of the competition) it is to successfully film a hunt for free-ranging animals in the wild. This competition highlights the skills of the cameramen who help bring the 'outdoors' indoors to millions of viewers.
Check back often for updates through the Campbell Outdoor Challenge's field journal and keep up to date on all the latest happenings, new challenge schedules, and live challenge updates on their website at

2007 Season Recap -12/05/2007
Hello all, hope everyone has had a great season this year. Things are cooling down here at Campbell Illinois Whitetails after what has been one of our best seasons ever!! We have had several bucks ta ...
South Dakota Antelope -09/13/2007
Hello all, just wanted to say hi from all of us here at the Campbell Outdoor Challenge. Things are really getting busy around here getting ready for our fall whitetail challenge season here in Illin ...

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