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Since when do poisonous snakes venture out in the dead of winter? It was early January with the thermometer dipping below 30 degrees. With a high humidity typical of Mississippi it was darn cold. I was wrapped up in my best cold weather garb prepping for an afternoon deer hunt.

I had just placed my backpack and rifle on the front rack of my Honda ATV and walked around to the side to swing my leg over the seat. Something on the concrete floor under my hunting cabin behind the ATV caught my attention.


I kept climbing on board the ATV going all the way across dismounting on the opposite side. I came back around the front end for another look. There poised for trouble was a cottonmouth water moccasin. And there I was with no defensive weapon. I grabbed a shovel hanging on a post nail and ended that confrontation post haste. In January? Really?

New Strategy Planning Ahead

At the very next gun show in town I went shopping for a “snake” gun. I wanted a handgun with enough power to dispatch crawling vermin at a fairly close range. What I found proved to be so much more.

What I thought I wanted was a small to medium sized six shot revolver, but I did not want a .22 rimfire. I wanted something with more authority. I had in my mind maybe a pocket type 38 Special for using those bird shot cartridges up close. I had heard they were good medicine on snakes.

Then I came across the perfect combination revolver that I could multi-task into a greater variety of shooting applications. Any rationale to justify the purchase of a new gun, right!

Hail the Governor


I’m not usually known for being particularly politically correct or paying any kind of homage to an elected official. But in this case this Governor definitely got the vote. That is Smith and Wesson’s new handgun revolver dubbed the Governor. Well, actually this “new” dimension handgun is not all that new. It has been on the market for a short time now, but apparently they are difficult to find on dealers’ shelves, because they sell so fast. In fact, right now the factory is manufacturing against a backlog of orders, but trust me any wait is worth it.

The Governor is a special six-shot revolver in that the elongated cylinder enables the handgun to handle three different rounds hence the tag line “Mix Six.” This beast can be fed the .45 Colt, .45 ACP, as well as the .410, 2 ½ inch shotshell. These cartridge selections are the trifecta of property defense, camp security, self-protection, game finishing, snake gun, vermin dispatcher, and back up carry gun as well as tin can blaster.

This handgun is a beauty right out of the box. Its matte finish is striking made from a patented, heat treated scandium alloy frame for high demand strength, but reduced weight at the same time. This handgun only weighs 29.6 ounces. That’s not even two pounds.
Immediately I suspect any reader is thinking this hand cannon is going to kick like a mule, but you would be wrong. The soft rubber-like grips absorb much of the push back from the muzzle of the 2 ¾ inch barrel in either single or double action mode regardless of the round or combination of the round sequence in the cylinder chambers.

Speaking of which, since the Governor handles three different rounds, the shooter can pick the order of the loading. That means you can load up a full cylinder of 45 Colts or 45 ACPs or a half dozen 410 shotshells or mix the six anyway you wish. For close hand security, say in a vehicle, you might want a couple shotshells up front for shock value then four rounds of ACP for a follow up. In snake country I plan to load up all six chamber opportunities with 410 shotshells.

The front sight on the Governor is a Tritium night sight that is dovetail affixed into the barrel. The rear sight is a fixed groove affair much like the old S&W revolvers. Shooters of the Governor have to remember this handgun is intended for close quarters shooting not target ranges.

Other specifications include an overall length of 8 ½ inches and a height of 5 ½ inches. As mentioned before the frame is made of scandium but the cylinder is stainless PVD. The synthetic grips are standard, but the Governor is also available with the Crimson Trace Lasergrip for an added charge.

The Presiding Governor

Out of the factory shipped Smith and Wesson blue lockable case box, the Governor has a handy disposition to it. It definitely has a lighter feel nothing like say a classic Smith Model 29, 44 magnum at all. This is a carry gun. Easy to tote in a backpack, shoulder holster, on a horse, ATV handlebar bag, truck door or console compartment. It also packs easy in a belt holster.


As a sidebar to interested buyers, this S&W model handgun has been on the market just long enough for the fine leather holster company DeSantis Gunhide of Amityville, New York ( to produce a custom holster to fit it perfectly. Perfect because the holster model Dual Angle Hunter is designed to be fitted to a heavy belt in either the standard hip, butt forward position, or the more popular crossdraw mode. I personally like the crossdraw position when sitting on a four-wheeler or pickup seat.

I also like walking and stalking with the Governor on the crossdraw side so I can carry my rifle or shotgun in the ready-to-fire position without banging a sidearm on the right hip. The crossdraw mode works well sitting in a hunting stand, too.
Smith and Wesson’s Governor is the ideal sidearm for endless applications. It is great for hunters, ranchers, game managers, property owners, for highway travel, home or business security, and for taking care of all types of varmints four-footed or two-footed. It is one fine handy firearm to have along in the field or on the stream, the woodlands, or at home.


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