It may be hard to imagine the impact a seat cushion can have on a hunter’s stamina and longevity in the stand. A hunter’s comfort is in direct proportion to the amount of time they are willing to remain on task. This could be due to temperature issues, weather, precipitation, wind, clothing choices, hunger, thirst, and just plain old seat comfort. Oddly enough, a good seat can increase the amount of time a hunter is willing to keep at it even if other factors interfere.

Hunt Comfort of Evergreen, Alabama has developed some of the most innovative seat cushions in the hunting industry, although these pads certainly have endless other applications to provide maximum seating comfort. If you have tried several traditional foam seat cushions and they all perform on the flat, then consider the last and best seat cushion you will ever use.


Hunt Comfort’s Specialist

The Specialist is one of this company’s latest developments. It is a folding seat set that includes both a back cushion and seat with attachment and carry straps provided. Its overall size is 14x16x5 inches. Each half of the set is 2.5 inches thick. Inside the seat portion are 2 elliptical gel pads which facilitate the extreme comfort factor afforded by this cushion set.

The pads are a 3-layer “rich stack” foam system that incorporates the gel pads. The front profile of the seat pad is a waterfall design (rounded, not square) that adds greatly to extra leg comfort. This one little design feature makes a remarkable difference in the pad’s comfort.

The exterior of the Specialist is covered in Comfort-Tex fabric created by Hunt Comfort. It is available in Mossy Oak Break Up, Mossy Oak Treestand, Foliage Green, and Coyote Khaki.
The Hunt Comfort Specialist comes with a 3-year warranty. It retails for $89.99 in camo.


Base Uses for the Specialist

Beyond the obvious of course, the Hunt Comfort folding seat set can be used in many ways by hunters. I use mine in deer hunting tree stand ladder seats, in lawn chairs deployed inside self-contained ground blinds, and even right on the ground behind a turkey blind. This pad greatly adds to my comfort and willingness to stay out hunting longer. It is lightweight and easy to tote to the woods or field.

Other beneficial uses I have found for my Hunt Comfort Specialist include using it on my ATV seat. I simply scoot back further to where the back cushion is up against the gear box installed on the rear rack. Trust me, this is heaven when riding an ATV with a bad back. I also carry the pad into the woods with me on scouting trips, squirrel hunts, and deer hunting just using the seat up against a tree. I can sit longer and remain still, quieter when perched on this pad. The Hunt Comfort Specialist seat set is just that, a world of hunt comfort. Check out all the Hunting Comfort products at


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