Elk Breeding – The Rut


Elk breeding season usually occurs in mid-September. However, elk in higher elevations often begin breeding by the first week in September, or even as early as late August. In lower elevations, where the weather remains fair later into the fall, elk breed in late September or early October.

The elk species is not monogamous. Make elk indiscriminately select receptive females for mating. When females are ready to be mated they seek out the nearest bull and allow the mating process to be fulfilled.

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The actual elk breeding season, called the elk rut, is probably one of the most spectacular outdoor experiences to behold. The huge bulls become very vocal and constantly bellow out screams of anguish and anger in their lust to find a receptive female. Gigantic battles among competing males are common, and the elk country vibrate with the electricity of this fast-paced, rutting rite of fall.

Many vacationers and tourists hold off taking the standard summer camping vacation and instead await the first cool days of September when the elk rut begins in the national parks, such as Yellowstone and Grand Teton in the United States, or Banff/Jasper in Canada. In these special places, the rut-maddened elk roam among and through campgrounds and towns as they play out the fantastic rutting ritual.


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