Caldwell’s Fieldpod Aids Deadshot


Whatever product design guru created this project sure was eating his brain food. Of course, there’s no real rocket science in the concept of the Caldwell Deadshot Fieldpod, but the genius was in the design of how the thing folds out and works. The idea I would think originated from a basic camera or video tripod, but it ends there.

From the Spec Sheet
The Caldwell Fieldpod a product of Battenfeld Technologies ( of Columbia, Missouri, home of my old college stomping days, is lightweight at just five pounds, highly portable with a built-in carry shoulder strap, hunting and shooting rest that offers benchrest stability in the field or at the range. Though it is light and easy to carry, that does not translate into feeble or flimsy. It has been rock solid in the paces I have put it through.

The whole unit collapses quickly for transportation. Getting used to all the nuances of how the gizmo sets up takes a few minutes, but once you get it all down, it becomes second nature. Again, all the adjustments for using this Fieldpod are the real cool part of having it for field or range.

Its height adjustment range goes from 20-42 inches. This means it can be used for all kinds of hunting situations, hunting blinds, sitting on the ground or in a hunting chair. The tripod legs are each fully adjustable to level it out on uneven ground. The adjustments firmly lock with screw knobs so there is no “sliding” inside the tubular legs.


Use in Practice
Once the Fieldpod is deployed and set up it can pivot up or down and rotate left or right for quick target acquisition. One cannot imagine the advantage of having this benchrest stability in the field until you try it for all kinds of hunting including big game, deer hunting, predator/varmint hunting and even turkey hunting.

Certainly it is highly useful for predator hunting in the field in rather fixed positions. Rotating a complete 360 degrees would take better hips than my old frame has got. In a covered ground blind, the Caldwell Fieldpod would be the cat’s meow.

For getting on target at the shooting range, this unit is even far better than a fixed bench. Because of all the adjustment options, the Fieldpod can be set up in many different sitting or standing positions making it solid and comfortable for the shooter.


Useful for a rifle, handgun, shotgun and even a crossbow, the shooter/hunter will quickly come to appreciate the ease and increased shooting accuracy afforded by using this rig.

I highly recommend hunters interested in shooting better at the range or in the field to investigate the Caldwell Deadshot Fieldpod on the Battenfeld Technologies web site. Downside is though, when you open this site you are going to be enticed by all the other neat shooting and hunting products this company has to offer.


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