Knife Sharpen Like A Pro At Home If there’s one thing any outdoorsman or knife user can predict, it’s that a knife will go dull at some point in it’s life and need to be sharpened. Though many knife sharpening solutions currently exist, the engineers at Darex decided to make a better sharpener that meets the needs of serious knife users and sportsmen.
Brandon Wikman’s Buffalo County, WI Gun Kill.
Wikman is in stand during the hottest time in the Midwest, early November. The rut is in full swing as he wait...
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My Deer Hunting Sabbatical, Part 2
I spent the sixth morning of my annual sabbatical in the thorn scrub looking for a 6x7 my companions had seen ...
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A Brush Country Sabbatical
On the 11th of December, I along with several of my closest hunting companions crossed the Rio Grande into Mex...
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Scouting for Turkeys in the Dead of Winter
Greg Abbas is a champion caller and also a call maker. Find out more about him at Here we...
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Feeding Wildlife in the Winter
This has been an incredibly tough winter, especially for those of us who live in the Midwest and Eastern U...
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2014 Mathews Retailer Business Show
Every December, Mathews Archery holds a Mathews Retailer Business Show at a resort in Wisconsin Dells. Doz...
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Surveying Deer from 30 Feet in the Sky
This past fall was extremely busy as I not only serve as the Department Chair and Coordinator of the Wildlife ...
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Backcountry Preparation
  Randy hiking the Bright Angel Trail. I am always looking for ways to prepare myself physically and m...
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15Th Annual Texas Deer Association Convention
On Thursday, August 15 I drove 102 miles east to San Antonio, Texas and the J. W. Marriott Hotel to attend the...
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Nyati on the Limpopo, The Last Days
On the seventh day, we rose early once again, but this time we would be retrieving, not spooring buffalo. ...
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Nyati on the Limpopo, Days 5 and 6
Utilizing darkness to conceal our movements, we returned to the heavily used crossing we set up on the fourth ...
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Nyati on the Limpopo, Days 3 and 4
To have scored so early on a great bull, especially in such challenging terrain, was truly gratifying, but we ...
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Nyati on the Limpopo, Day 2
It didn’t take long based on all the signs we saw on day one to figure out that the buffalo preferred feeding ...
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Nyati on the Limpopo, Day 1
There is something especially unique about pursuing Cape buffalo on foot in the lowveld of Zimbabwe. Not only ...
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The 2013 Chevy Suburban
  A pickup truck, without a doubt, is the most popular vehicle among hardcore hunters and outdoorsmen...
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Bringing a Hunting Product to Market
        Greg Abbas of A-Way Hunting Every hunter I know at one time or a...
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