Turkey Hunting – Roosting Birds


One of the oldest tricks in the book in to “put a gobbler to bed.” On spring evenings hit the woods and listen for a turkey to gobble when he flies up to roost at dusk. If a bird doesn’t roar on his own, owl hoot, crow call or hen cutt. Hopefully one or more birds will gobble and give away their roost trees. Even if no toms talk you should listen for heavy wings thumping up into the treetops.

If you hear a turkey gobble or fly up, you know where to hunt the next morning. Slip into the area well before first light, set up 100 to 150 yards away from a turkey’s roost and wait for tom to roar. Then give him your best calling.

“A roosted turkey sure ain’t a roasted turkey!” goes an old Southern saying. That’s right. You might come back the next morning and a turkey you roosted won’t gobble. Or he might gobble his fool head off, fly down and run straight away from your calling. You just never know. Still, you should try to roost a few birds each spring. It sure never hurts to plan a morning hunt in an area where you put a gobbler to bed the night before.


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