Advantages and Disadvantages of Bowhunting


Hitting the woods with a bow and arrow is a great way to enjoy hunting. But the bow, even the modern compound, is not the most efficient weapon for deer.

The practical range of the bow is 10 to 40 yards, so the archery hunter must rely on his hunting skills and woods savvy to get close to deer. There are few thrills more intense than coming eye to eye with a whitetail buck-and then harvesting it with a bow and arrow.

The need to get up close and personal with a buck requires a sportsman to become familiar with the habits and life cycle of the whitetail. This spawns a deep appreciation of this fantastic animal.

Also, you can double your days afield by hunting an early archery season, and then hunting during the general deer season with either gun or bow.

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All other hunting weapons–pistol, shotgun, muzzleloader and rifle–are more efficient than a bow and arrow. The frustration of having a dandy buck just 15 yards away–and not getting him–causes some hunters to forsake the bow for a gun.

It takes a lot of practice and preparation to accurately shoot a bow. In today’s fast-paced world, many hunters simply don’t have that much time. Also, most archery equipment is expensive. Combined, a top-quality bow, accessories and arrows can cost more than a high-powered rifle.


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