Bucky Beeman's  Field Journal
Bucky started hunting with his Dad at a very young age. At 5, he watched his Dad shoot a deer in the tree stand next to him. At  8, he had a chance to shoot at his very first turkey. At 10, he bagged his first 8 pt buck. His love for hunting grew and didn't stop there. During his sophomore year in high school, he took a TV production class, made a turkey video and realized how much he enjoyed filming hunts as well.

Now at 18, Bucky has made 3 DVDs, killed an 11pt buck on film that was featured on Driven TV, and attended Pat Reeve's camera school. He currently works at an archery shop in the summer, guides for Thunder Ridge Outfitters for a few weeks in the fall, and films for Driven TV and Hunter Specialties. Rather than sleep, he hunts during his free time and (when it's the off season and he's not looking for sheds) goes to school for Business Administration.

"I really could go on and on about how hunting is a great part of my life- allowing me to visit all kinds of places, meet new people, and bring me closer to my family."

Bucky is the voice of our young hunters. He provides a youth's hunting perspective while being a great resource for hunters with kids or know kids who are interested in hunting. Learn tips on youth advantages all over the states that are offered but little is known about them or
follow his trek this year as he talks about hunting for moose, whitetails in kansas on public land, Wisconsin whitetail hunting, and filming and guiding in Iowa.

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