Gun-Control Campaign Stops in Minneapolis


If President Barack Obama has taken a hiatus from his push for gun control from earlier this year, no one told his left-wing allies in special interest groups like Mayors Against Illegal Guns, prominently backed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a former Democrat. The group’s nationwide, traveling, gun-control campaign recently stopped in downtown Minneapolis to raise awareness about limiting gun ownership in the U.S.

At the end of July, the group’s summer-long, anti-gun advocacy tour held a rally outside the federal courthouse, inspired by last December’s Newton, Connecticut, school shooting in which Adam Lanza gunned down schoolchildren and teachers. The objective of Mayors Against Illegal Guns is to make it harder for Americans to own guns, which conservatives say is actually a punishment against law-abiding gun owners and not just criminals and the insane, the perpetrators of gun violence.

Dramatically dubbed the “No More Names” rally, the event got underway at 10 in the morning at the federal courthouse. The highlight of the anti-gun rally is the moment when rally attendees read aloud the various names of victims of gun violence since last December’s Newton, Connecticut, school shooting. Both Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak and St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman—two Democrats—were a part of the rally.

Coleman’s reason for being part of the rally was the, according to him, adverse impact of gun violence across Minnesota’s communities. He further went on to say that, as a mayor of a big city, he has a front seat to the effects of gun violence in the country. Coleman also exploited the opportunity to urge Congress to push for “common-sense” background checks for firearm purchases. Coleman’s insistence on background checks is ironic because the U.S. Senate—as recently as this past April—just shot down the most prominent effort for tighter gun control in recent memory, the Manchin-Toomey amendment.

Unsurprisingly, this event has already attracted its fair share of opposition from patriotic gun owners in the Minneapolis area, such as the Twin Cities Gun Owners & Carry Forum. This pro-2nd Amendment organization has referred to Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns as a “criminal” and “rights-stripping” special interest group.

Founded in 2006, Mayors Against Illegal Guns is the pet project of both Bloomberg and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, another Democrat. Officially, the group states that its public mission is to increase the safety of communities across the U.S. by making sure that illegal firearms stay out of the hands of criminals and other dangerous people. However, the group fails to address a primary question of conservatives and gun owners, which is how passing more laws will keep guns away from criminals, who already break every law in the book to commit gun felonies.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns’ summer tour started on June 14, precisely 6 months after the Connecticut school shootings. The group plans to hit 25 states during its anti-gun tour.                


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