Mike Hanback's  Field Journal
Mike Hanback has hunted most species of big game from Alaska to Mexico during the past 25 years, but his passion remains big deer with big racks. He hunts for giant bucks with bow and gun in 5 to 10 states and Canadian provinces each fall.

Hanback, former managing editor of the National Rifle Association’s hunting publications, is one of the top hunting writers in the world today. He is currently a contributing editor and the whitetail-hunting columnist for Outdoor Life.

Hanback has written three books on deer hunting: Modern Whitetail Hunting (2003); Giant Bucks: A Lifetime of Lessons (2003, with Mark and Terry Drury); and Bowhunting Mega Bucks (2004). KP books published all three.

Many of Hanback’s hunts have appeared on Mossy Oak’s and Realtree’s television shows and videos. Hanback recently signed on as a field host for “Whitetail Extremes,” a new high-definition TV series from Orion Multimedia to premiere on OLN in 2006. Watch Hanback hunt for mega bucks from Montana to Saskatchewan to Alabama.

Hanback graduated with honors in English from Carson-Newman College in Jefferson City, Tenn. He lives in Virginia with his wife and two sons

Spring Beards & Bucks -03/27/2008
Spring turkey season opens next month here in Virginia. It gives me a good excuse to pull on the camo and hit the woods again. If I call in and shoot a 20-pounder with a long rope and spurs like box ...
A Walk in the Deer Woods -01/17/2008
One day last October I hung a tree stand on a ridge I had never hunted before. All I knew was that spot looked “bucky”-- greenbrier thickets laced with doe trails that funneled down an oak draw and i ...
Non-Typical Freaks of Nature -09/06/2007
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock with no access to the Internet for the last 2 weeks you’ve heard about the new World Hunting Association (WHA) and its revolutionary idea to turn our sport into ...
Heart Attack, Wolves, Fawns & An 1892 Penny -05/02/2006
Ah, spring.  People are out and about shedding and turkey hunting and finding all sorts of curious things. A truck full of shed antlers from one of the Drury farms. My buddy ...
The Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show -03/23/2006
The Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show A few years ago when the promoters of the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show asked me to come up to Harrisburg, Pa. and do a seminar on deer hunt ...

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