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Default RE: Your opinion:

You can get a shimano 2000 combo for around $50.00. Good starting deal. As you progress, you'll end up spending tons of money on fishing like we all do! Wait till you fill up around6 or 7 tackle boxes!
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Default RE: Your opinion:

Idaho I use my spinning outfits for everything fish wise in my area (small to large fish - pike, walleye, lake trout, bows, perch and on occasion other trout such as splake, brooks or bass). The rod I landed the 45er pike on was no different nor was the line than what I use for finesse fishing walleye - 8lbs test. All my spinning rods run 4-8 pound test, I usually bail up 4lb and 8lb on my spool to cover all possible applications and like spiderwire super mono or similar small diameter/low stretch/sensitive lines. Landing fish isn't relative to the test but rather the drag and playing the fish properly. The only times I use heavier line is fishing heavy weeds (lily pads, cabbage, etc), timbers, top water lure fishing or deep water trolling/jigging lakers. In these cases I always use my baitcasters which are spooled up with Berkley XT 12 lbs test. If you do use light limp line for trout or smaller fish and only have a spinning outfit to fish both situations I would suggest spooling 6 lbs of mono and 10-12lb of xt type line on a spare spool. Med action rod should suffice for your needs. For deep running or jigging lakers I personally like a medium heavy action rod, but I don't think that is a requirement of yours. The length of the rod is personal and in some case balance to the reel is the final indicator which one I go with - but a 6.6-'7 is most common found and used.
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Default RE: Your opinion:

Thanks for all the help. I purchased a Abu Garcia combo from a fishing shop near by. I told them what you have told me, and they helped me select the rod. It is med. action, 6'6" in lenght, 4-10 p. test. and has tremendous feal! Unline many of the stiff rods i have felt at Wal Mart and Freddies, this one accually feals like a trout rod. Tomorrow I am going to go put it to the test at Lake Elsie in Idaho. Elsie is a very small lake. But pretty well stocked, hopefully i won't have much trouble limiting out with 6 fish. I am taking just the basic bait, I am not going to worry about pulling out the spinniners, because i packed them up in the Storage Unit, so they won't surface for a while, lol. I went to the store and purchased some night crawlers, power bait nuggets (thought i would give it a try, never used power bait before), and some corn. I also bought some 10 and 14 sized hooks. And a tackle box to put them in along with the most important ingredient to a fishing expedition: Food!!!!!!!

So wish me luck, and hopefully I will have some pic's of some fine fish tomorrow!!

Thanks for all the advice and help!!!
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Default RE: Your opinion:

It was a great day!!! I caught 9 rainbows and 5 brookies and I let one rainbow go. My dad on the other hand caught 4 rainbows... ha lol. I limited out in the first hour with 9 fish, and then I helped my dad catch his. That was a first, me helping him. Lol. The rod was amazing, I fealt the slightest hit and hooked the trout with the slightest flick.

Thanks for all the help! My dad now is going to get a new rod like mine!!!

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Default RE: Your opinion:

If your still looking for a fly rod, maybe I can help. I have been fly fishing for a number of years and have found nothing beats the good gear. With that said, you may pay more but you will get better quality. I have a 9 foot 5 weight for trout on big waters such as the missouri river. For smaller waters I have a 8 foot 4 weight. Both my rods are Sage. Great company. Whatever you buy, make sure it has a warrenty. I snapped my rod with the vacuum, ( don't ask, long story) but it was replaced free of charge. The type of rod you get will also be determined by what type of fish you are going for. 4,5,6 weights are typically for trout. 6,7,8 weights you start getting into bass, walleye, pike etc. The bigger the fish the higher the weight. Make sure you go to a pro shop. They will be able to help you more than Walmart or a outlet store. One more thing, if your starting out, go with a combo. They are matched pretty well. However, as you go up in experiance, you'll want to purchase the rod and real, and line seperatly to meet your needs.

Hope this helps.

Fish on.
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