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Heard a buck Growl!!!

Old 10-21-2008, 02:37 PM
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Default RE: Heard a buck Growl!!!

Mb-187. I do not doubt you heard what you heard. It also sounds like you know the area quite well.Is it possible that somehunter without much knowledgewas blowing through one of these calls for 20 min and moved on without you detecting him?Maybe it was 2 kids blowing through these things like kazzoos. Over the years I have had some newbie hunters pullsome real dandies near me. Endless rattling and calling, yelling from stand to stand, coughing, sneezing, radios, etc.
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Default RE: Heard a buck Growl!!!

Not pssible on a person doing it, it was very loud in the woods and not even light yet, me and my buddy are the only 2 on the property until gun season and a person could not have gotten out without one of us seeing and hearing them it was down in a thick swamp surrounded by woods and open field, i am at one end and my buddy the other, covering the only accessible enytrances/exits to the swamp and watch the hardwwods/field and my buddy does the same on the opposite side, unless thisperson took a nap for 5 hours, and hiked in to the property
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Default RE: Heard a buck Growl!!!

Im not saying it was or wasnt a growl he just could have heard a growl. Most of us have to remember is that deer behavior changes from region to region. What the deer do here in WI, MN, MI, & IWmay be totally different that what goes on in NY, NH,CT, VT, ME, & PA. For example, im sure the rut on the East Coast is earlier than the midwest. So if he heard a growl it could be that the bucks are coming into rut there. Which should meen that the rut here should be kicking in id predict 1-2 weeks later. Personally I think its too early to hear a growl in WI, but in NY it just maybe a normal occourance this time of the year.
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Default RE: Heard a buck Growl!!!

Ok Ok MB-187............. I cant believe your sitting here reading these reply's I've just sat here the last 10 min reading all these posts and some of them are very funny, Im MB-187's hunting buddy and like he said we walked into the woods up the four wheeler trail and we heard a growl(it lasted a total time of about 20 min)......yes a growl, I boughta MADGROWLa few years back thinking that is was going to bring deer to me on a string( ha didnt work all too well), we stopped and listed to it for so long that it was starting to get light when i got to my stand, we could also hear him walking in the woods ahead of us when we would stop you could hear the growl and hear him walking and moving around...... When I was sitting in my tree stand just b4 light I also let out a few growls and about 20 min later a 6 pointed came out of the pine thickets behind me, not sure if it was the deer making the growl but he came out to see what the noise was.... So like he said it was a growl and yes we did hear it.... and I also read in Deer&Deer Hunter that there is a mini rut in the middle of Oct. so maybe there was a hot doe in the area and he was just doing what deer do when they get all worked up......
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