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Deer Drives...

Old 04-30-2007, 05:10 PM
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Default RE: Deer Drives...

Im sure id feel alot better about drives if the crew wasnt so huge,25-30 guys is rediculous.And the plase didnt get trashed up with beer cans,and they would wait till deer stopped before they rapped of a full clip.Yea that might be a starting point.
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Default RE: Deer Drives...

Some of the areas I hunt are only hunt able by using drivers. The cover is heavy and the mulies only move at evening and early morning. These are big draws and canyons and one year I remember we had 28 guys walking the draw and I never saw any of them until the drive was done. We took 17 bucks out of that draw. We walked it again toward late afternoon and took 12 more deer on that drive. We could have walked it again and probably had the same results. The cedars are so thick that you almost have to step on the deer before they will start moving. This draw covers about 1000 acres.

With our hunting group there was absolutely no booze allowed in any of the vehicles. All the drinking if any took place at the deer camp once the guns and knives were put away.
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Old 05-01-2007, 10:24 AM
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Default RE: Deer Drives...

And you call that hunting or killing?Id use it to thin a herd real fast,but id say thats just putting meat on the table.Thats fine and dandy,but you didnt match smarts with any of those deer.They got pushed like cattle and shot to pieces at the end.
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Default RE: Deer Drives...

James B,

Sounds like a good time to me, and one of the only effective ways to Git er Done.
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Old 05-07-2007, 06:51 PM
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Default RE: Deer Drives...

ORIGINAL: uncle matt


I personally don't like the idea of "driving" deer towards someone to have them hopefully wait until the deer pass them before shooting. Otherwise, you're talking about a potentially dangerous situation.
My brother and my hunting buddy used to do this with guys through cornfields no less. Both at different times had members of their party wounded in one of the drives. I'd never drive them through corn with people posted at the end who'd possibly shoot into or down corn rows. That's crazy.
Also, deer on the run aren't the ideal shot to take. Higher chance of gut shot or quartering toward, whichhave a low probability of finding.

I guess if you know and trust the people who you're hunting with and have strick rules of who will be shooters and at when they can and cannot shoot, it's okay. I'd rather stand on the ground and/or slow walk/stop/look listen/stalk personally.
Your brother and your hunting buddy are doing these drives where people got "wounded" (I assume shot) with idiots.

But your post starts out not making sense. If a deer is driven towards you, then passes you and then you shoot, then the driver(s) would be behind you.

You never shoot in the direction someone may be (down or into the rows). Push the deer out of the corn and set up to shoot across the ends of the rows, not "down or into" the rows.

Wellyou said they were only wounded - fortunately no was killed.
I never said I hunted this way. These guys obviously went hunting at different times with people they shouldn't have. I agree, no one should ever shot into the direction the drivers are coming from. I also think the idea of shooting a running deer, especially ones that are running away is not a good practice. Even"shooting across the ends of the rows" as yousay is not safeimo.With adrenaline pumping a deer poops out, what if one of the outside drivers gets farther ahead and you don't see them? It's too risky for me.These and many other reasons I don't hunt deer with others and I don't take part in deer drives.
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Default RE: Deer Drives...

i was after a mule doe and a big whitetail doe ran past me under 10 yrds away and never even glanced at me. it just went right past me and jumped a fence.
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