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Out of control!!

Old 05-02-2007, 07:50 PM
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Default Out of control!!

Alright, there is a guy here in midwestern Indiana that moved from Indianapolis to a farm he bought that is around 300 acres. Most of it is some of the most beutifull, prestine forest around these parts with mature oak ridges full of deer and turkeys , big deer and turkeys. Well this piece of s%#@ has made it all into a place where anyone and everyone can come and ride there dirt bikes and four wheelers. Its not that I dont like going on trail rides every once in awhile, but this guy dosnt have any organized trails or boundries or anything. The people ride where ever they want and they have only been doing this for about two weeks and have raped the forest where ever they can get there atv's. Does this sound rediculous to anyone else. Another thing that ticks me off is that the people rideing dont have any respect to the peoples property off of his and are tearing up other people fields and woods and everyone in this area are fed up and we had a meeting about shutting this guy down and he said that we cant do nothing about it because he has more money than he knows what to do with and he has the best lawyer around and we dont have a chance of stopping him. This monday there are about 35 to 40 people going into court agaist this guy. Is there realy a possibility that he is going to stay in busyness? If he only knew how lucky he is to beable to own such an awsome property. Breaks my heart, and pisses me off at the same time!
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Old 05-02-2007, 08:15 PM
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Default RE: Out of control!!

Good luck, Unforunatly you probably won't get much done in court except the issue of his "group" riding on other people's property. That you should be able to stop but, do it in a lawful manner. Money doesn't equal brains, I guess it's his property and he's entitled to do as he pleases as long as he breaks no laws. And that sucks for you and your fellow land owners. Somewhere here on this site in someones signiture line or somewhere I seen the quote "You can't fix stupid". I'm interested in your outcome so please let us know what happens. Again, Good Luck
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Default RE: Out of control!!

Unless there is a noise ordinance it doesn't sound good. Are there any streams of any size that they ride through? If so the DEP and CORPS can make life miserable for a long time. There may be county or some sort of state water management laws also. As to the riding on other people's property, on the boundary in their trails take sawed off metal fence post (or other similar metal pieces, maybe rebar) and drive them about 4 inches above the ground and try to sharpen them a little, it won't take much with those soft 4 wheeler tires. Then cover them with some leaves.
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Default RE: Out of control!!

I went to school with a boy named Doug, he was the nicest kid you ever wanted to meet. His whole family was good people.

Doug worked in the drilling rigs and didn't have a lot of money when he started out - but he did not want to move far from his dad's house.

He found a neighbor 1 mile down the road that had a piece of woods that was willing to sell it to him for a price that he could afford.

The woman that sold him the land owned a large farm - aprox 200 acres with nice corn fields and hay fields and pastures for their cows - aprox 50 along with 10 prize bulls.

Then the womans husband died - just 3 weeks after they bought a $750,000 combine. It was a story right out of the bible. One day they had more money and more crops than what they knew what to do with and the next day he was dead and they were in serious financial difficulties.

When they sold Doug the small piece of land, they also promised him that if they ever sold the piece of land across the road from his Mobile home that he would be the first in line to be able to purchase it.

Well the woman was desperate for money and she sold the land to a complete stranger. She sold all the cows and all the bulls and all the farm equpt except for the new combine and a old tractor and haybine and bailer. The barns, the milking parlors - everything.

Well the new neighbor built a nice house. built a nice pond for fishing.

Then his kids turned about 10 years old and he built the most awesome motorcross course you ever saw. Just like what you see on tv with the kids jumping 60 feet into the air and riding 100 miles an hour around a course 1/2 mile long.

Only good thing that came out of it all was that the kids grew up and had to move away from home to go to college and to get a good paying job because there is nothing here for them.

The house and the pond and the motorcross course is still there - but nobody rides on it.

Our neighbors are just as ignorant up at our camp.

It got so bad that one day I chased them with my brand new Silverado - 60 miles a hour down a primitive trail barely wide enough for a motorcycle.

Their parents asked them if they were down at the camp tearing the place up and they admitted that they were.

I asked for permission to drive across their fields - and they told me that they do not allow no one to drive across their fields.

I then asked them what is the difference between me driving across their fields and their kids driving where ever they wanted across our property - especially riding their 4 wheelers in our trout pond.

The parents didn't know what to say.

I got permission to drive across their access road at the end of the field for one hunting season and the next year they installed a gate and posted signs.

I should have had the little s O b 's arrested for tresspassing and made them pay a couple of thousand dollars in property damage.

Your only option is to catch the people riding across private property with trail cams and a video camera and have them arrested.

Then go into court with about 40 hours of dirt bikes reving up their motors and get them for disturbing the peace and harassment.

Other than that - all I can say is that townies should stay in towns.

If your idea was to move to the country to get away from the city people and when you got there - you wanted to bring your city ways with you - you are not my favorite type of person. Because I do not have the money to go out and buy a couple of hundred acres to keep you away from me and I do not want to put up with your kids and their dirt bikes and all the noise and animals and b's that a landowner has to put up with because people think that when you are neighbors that they can do what ever they want.

Do I sound like you - YEP!
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Default RE: Out of control!!

One guy on another forum came up with a good answer.

Put up some signs on your property - no tresspassing - rifle range.

Then put up some back stops and some targets on your property - around where the 4 wheelers like to ride.

Then when you see them coming, give them one verbal warning.

The next time - let loose with a 50 BMG at the targets and see how long the kids with the 4 wheelers and the dirt bikes stay around.

Instant remedy forignorant people - scare the chit out of them.

They will not come back!
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Default RE: Out of control!!

Other than that - all I can say is that townies should stay in towns.
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Old 05-03-2007, 08:42 AM
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Default RE: Out of control!!

Sounds like it's time to call the WAAAAAAAAmbulance...Its his property and as long as he isn't breaking the law too bad. This is still America isn't it????
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Default RE: Out of control!!

What part of the fact that the landowner's guests are tresspassing and damaging his neighbors' land did you not understand?

I'd give it the old college try a time or two in terms of dealng with this guy legally. Then its time to buy about 10 pounds of roofing nails.
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Default RE: Out of control!!

The way I read it he had two arguments:
1. some rich guy bought the best land around and is allowing people to "rape"it with atv's.
2. some of rich guy's guests aren't staying on rich guys land.
On point #1 he is probably SOL, rich guy's land he can do what he wants with it. This is what I was commenting about. Rich Guy could bulldoze every tree on the place and turn it into a parking lot if he wanted to.
I own a couple hundred acres that is bordered on two sides by a hunting club. Some of the clubs members decided that they needed to put their stands about 2 ft from my property fence. I asked them to move and they refused, nothing I could do. Now my horses LOVE country music, so every morning, usually only Oct-Dec I drive the fence lines and let my horses listen to Willie's Place. They love it, makes the grass digest so much easier. My point is: it's my property and I will do as I please as long as I'm not breaking the law. Neighbors can whine all they want.
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Default RE: Out of control!!

The rifle range idea is pretty good. Or anything you can do to be the 'CRAZY NEIGHBOR GUY' would probably be real fun.

And I doubt that the area's best lawyer could be better than documented proof of tresspassing.

IFyou are going to do the spike in the ground or roofing nail trick, make sure to do it very inconspicuous. The best tricks are the ones where you aren't to blame.Have your fun, and yes, it is fun, but you don't want to start battles with the guy.
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Quick Reply: Out of control!!

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