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deer drives

Old 11-30-2006, 12:18 PM
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Default deer drives

When i was younger i used to get excited about a bunch pushing a section and deer running everywhere.I saw alot of em and hit none.But it was fun.This year,i tried it again durring the early seasion with a bow.I didnt like it any more.The deer are on the run,So a good hit is less than likely.3 deer for 12 guys is not realy what i call good.The same 12 guys in trees would do better with less impact on others who are trying to enjoy a nice peaceull day in the woods,and less impact on the heard.This year i dont even know how many folks got shot durring the gun seasion,DURRING DRIVES.I would go almost as far as saying it isnt hunting at all.Those deer were forced to you.There is a little more to it than that,but 40 guys lined up and walking in a line so ten others can blast em isnt a feather in anyones hat,You might as well shoot them with a spotlight in there eyes.Mabe im just being stupid about the issue,what do you guys think?
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Default RE: deer drives

Holy cow, you guys were driving deerin bow season??? Not sure I would refer to that as hunting.
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Default RE: deer drives

I agree, driving deer in bow season sounds like a pretty far stretch but rifle is a whole lot different. We put drives on at our camp but then again we basically have an entire mountain side to ourselves and this seems to be the most productive way of hunting up there. I still enjoy it to this day and probably always will. It takes a lot of knowledge to establish a well run drive. We spend hours reviewing topo maps, lining up standers and drivers and trying to make everything work to a T. If you don't enjoy it than that's fine by me but I think it's a little rough to tear it up the way you did just because it's something you don't particularly care for. I also don't agree with the statement "might as well be shooting them with a spotlight". I think it's bad enough to see anti's tearing us apart for the way we hunt and what we do let alone to have another hunter ripping onour ownhunting methods. And to answer you other question I do believe it's hunting. It takes intelligence, an in depth knowledge of the area and the landscape as well as the ability to coordinate with others to perform a WELL DESIGNED drive. Animals use their instincts and intellect to hunt in packs all the time why should we be any different? This is just my two cents.
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Default RE: deer drives

It must be a hardcore PA thing. Cause I used to go to this camp in Pendleton county, WV. Everybody had thier stands lined out, and first light, the PA drivers would start pushing deer. Every one of them from PA. We used to get pretty upset. But it was the nature of the beast. I have been on drives last day of the season. But I figure why stir the deer up so much.
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Default RE: deer drives

Native Americans drove deer as a way to produce venison for their tribe, how can we be so arrogant to say that it's not hunting. It's not a modern way, it's a primitive way...?

They also used fire to push/drive deer, what ya'll think of that if modern man did that..yeah right?
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Default RE: deer drives

You can DEFINITELY do deer drives during bow season. i have seen one and seen the results: big bucks being pushed from their beds.

the most productive way to do this, from what i have learned, is to have hunters in stands (we do this for shotgun too) and instead of walk through the woods clapping and making noise (as i know many people do) its more of a slow stalk through the woods. this causes the deer to initially jump outta their beds and run for a lil, but soon slow to a walk. and this BIG BOYS dont even run. they tuck tail, keep their heads down, and scamper away. this leaves the hunters on stand to end up taking a shot at a deer that is usually not walking very fast or of course, stoppedby giving alil whistle (i never shoot at a moving deer).
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Default RE: deer drives

i agree KoBear. i don't usually do drives the first few days, unless the deer aren't moving. but when we do use drives to kill deer we always use the slow walk technique and not the running and clapping. i've shot many deer on drives and they were standing still every time. i don't use a whistle tho i like to use a grunt call, or any call of a native species. it won't spook the deer and they look right at you waitin to get shot
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Default RE: deer drives

I have no problems with it,, if done right its a very good way to get deer.
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Default RE: deer drives

Just must be done smart, hunting is a mental game too.
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Default RE: deer drives

My son and I will push a small thicket with the bow. When it's warm and their not moving it's fun. When done right the deer just walk out. We only do it with the two of us.
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Quick Reply: deer drives

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