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1st deer stories....let' s hear some.

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1st deer stories....let' s hear some.

Old 11-10-2003, 11:59 AM
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Default 1st deer stories....let' s hear some.

I tried posting this on the bowhunting website, but I guess no one had any good stories. he, he

Let' s start a good little thread....a story on your very 1st bow or gun kill.


I was 14 and it was my 1st time hunting alone. I was gun hunting at the time with a Rem 870 express. I haven' t shot a deer previous to this, so I was all pumped up to do it on my OWN. he, he I was sitting there on a big ridge that funneled deer right past me plus I could see a long way away to get ready to shoot something. There were some guys doing a deer drive on a patch of woods 2 miles away. All of sudden I see deer filtering out of the woods into an alfalfa field way in front the drivers. After they come out I count six(all doe) and I' m thinking to myself..." Ok if they get to that one point and turn I should have a shot at any one of them that I want or if they turn the other way I won' t get a shot at any of them. At this point my heart is beating at 1000 beats per sec and they were a mile away. The 1st doe gets to that point and turns my way. I remember saying " Here they come...here they come" . I get ready while they are all coming right into me. They filter through a finger of a slough and stop....about 70 yards away and stopped so they could all catch up to eachother. The started walking right to me(about a 50 yard shot). I can' t really explain what I thinking even if I tried to remember. At this point my heart was beating 1,000,000 beats per sec and I was just sweating big time. The 1st one gets into my shooting lane and BAM....I shot. It drops like a ton of bricks and I sprint right down to it. I don' t think I have ever run that fast in my ENTIRE life. Remembering that my dad said to cut it' s throat to bleed it out....I grab for my knife and I couldn' t do it. I knew where my knife was, but I couldn' t physically grab it. My whole body froze up. I had so many emotions running through me....I had to sit down and just relax a bit. I think I sat there for a good 15 min before I could do anything. I have looked back at that experience many, many times and I just laugh to myself. What a great experience...one that I will NEVER forget. One more funny note...while I was sitting there not being able to do anything, there were two more doe and just sat there and watched me sprint down to the one that I shot about 30 yards away. I didn' t even once think about shooting at those. LOL After about 5 secs, they ran off.
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Old 11-10-2003, 12:04 PM
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Default RE: 1st deer stories....let' s hear some.

I was 12 had a 243. My dad had stepped behind a cedar tree and a 8 point came out. I shot and blew the front shoulder out. It turned to run and put three more in the rump. My dad taking a pee needless got the poo scared out of him as this was going on. As we looked for the deer about 200 yards away we found him laying in a bush alive as he saw us he jumped out at us. My dad drew a 44 mag and shot it three more times while it was running at us. It was hit only once and died trying to jump a fence.

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Old 11-10-2003, 02:15 PM
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Default RE: 1st deer stories....let' s hear some.

i was 10 and my dad took me out on the youth hunt. i had a 44 rem mag lever action with open sights. during the morning i let 3 does pass at 80 yards for fear i would miss, and i told him i wanted to shoot a buck. that afternoon at 1:00 i got in the stand at a clearing near the end of a 300yd long thicket about 50 yds wide. my uncle went to the top of the thicket and began a drive as my dad and myself waited in the stand. then i heard it coming, and my dad got all excited as i remained calm. when i saw it step out i saw the rack on it, and my dad starts telling me to shoot it, its a buck. so i am aiming to make a good shot, and my dad bumping me in the back telling me to hurry up and shoot. anyway, one shot the thing sat down like a dog with his rear end first then he fell over. at that my dad started jumping up and down and yelling " WOO-HOO" it turned out to be a 145lb 7 point with a nice little rack. but i was just so calm as my dad almost had a heart attack.

my first deer with a bow was from that same stand, but i was on a still hunt with nobody driving the thicket. my was between my dad and the thicket as he was rattling. he brought a small 4 point out to investigate and as the deer paid attention to my dad, he stopped broadside at 15 yards and i put the perfect double lung shot on him. i could not see my father from my stand so i got down to walk up and get him. on my way to his stand i walked right up onto my deer that had went down in some brush and it almost startled me. anyway the deer had run up to my dad and my dad had drawn his bow and waited for the deer to come out because he didnt know that it had fallen.
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Old 11-10-2003, 05:17 PM
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Default RE: 1st deer stories....let' s hear some.

I was 12 years old and hunting the October T-zone hunt in Sconny. i was using a 30.06 with 150 grain bullets. my dad and i were sitting in the same stand overlooking the edge of a swamp. the doe walked up and was alone so my dad wasn' t sure if it was very big. he said go ahead and shoot it so within like 3 seconds of him saying that i shot and dropped her in her tracks. i hit her in the backbone and she did not die right away. my dad had to shoot her in the neck and she died right away. that was the most exhilerating experience of my life.

The year before i was only 11 and couldnt hunt, but sat in a stand with my dad to observe. we were sitting again on the edge of a swamp, and i saw out of the corner of my eye what looked like legs moving in the trees in the swamp. i whispered to my dad, get ready, i think i see a deer. the deer took a few more steps and my dad didnt see it yet, but i saw it and also saw it was a buck! i pointed to where i saw him and as soon as he came out my dad shot him. he dropped in his tracks and was still alive; so my dad shot him in the neck. this time he hit him in the windpipe and we could hear him gasping for air. we thought for sure he would die, but we watched him for like 10 minutes and he was still gasping. my dad and i got out of our stand and he must have bumped his scope on something because he took three more shots from even closer and missed every time. he told me to go back to our cabin( 1/4 mile away) im glad we had our 4 wheeler. he wanted me to get the gutting gloves and some rope to drag the deer out with. so i did and when i got back i asked him where the deer was and he said it ran away! i didnt believe him but we had to track him 100 yards into the swamp before we found him dead finally. sorry to rant but i was pretty proud i saw the deer first.
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Default RE: 1st deer stories....let' s hear some.

Three years ago when i was fourteen, i went deerhunting for the first time in my life.I was using my stepdads 25' 06 with 115 graind bullets.ME my friend and his dad all had drawn west river any whitetail tags.so we went out to the county wer were going to hunt and we sat up on a bluff over looking a big grove of trees and also a little river and then more trees on the other side.we sat the first day and i saw a little 2x2 buck come up out of the river, i was shakin soo bad and fogging up the scope left and right.I shot at the buck, but i missed and he didnt run right away so i shot again and missed. i ended up missing that buck 2 more times in those few seconds.I was soo mad that i had missed him. we didnt get a shot off at anything else that day or weekend , but we saw alot running across the river about 1000 yrds away to the south. So the next weekend we went back out and we sat on the bluff and we didnt see anything but we did see them down on that same beach. So we decided to sit down there, my friends dad had just started to drift off to sleep as i saw a head appear across the river. i tried to get my friends attention and as i did he started to stand up and i whispered at him to sit down and look across the river, and i sat there and asked him if i should shoot it beings that its across the river . he said sure, so i got the crosshairs on him and squeezed the trigger,BANG, the buck rolled down the hill and landed on the opposite beach.It then made its distress call which just made my stomach curl.my friends dad sait that i scared the crap out of him when i shot. we then looked for a shallow spot to cross the river and as we were looking i saw my buck stand up and start to walk towards the water, i had ended up paralizing its back to legs. It ended up swimming across the river to our side and i shot it in the neck. It was a big bodied 2x2 i was so excited i shot my first deer and it was a buck too.so it was a good hunt we filled 2 of the 3 tags.
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Default RE: 1st deer stories....let' s hear some.

These are some great stories! I think it' s important that you all had the opportunity to begin hunting so young. Wish I started as young as some of you guys. Goodluck!
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Default RE: 1st deer stories....let' s hear some.

it was six years ago, i was 24, opening morning my brother-in law gave me awake up call at 4:00am, truly to early, considering i hadnt gotten home from wrk until 2 am. but being opening day i got up, just couldnt resist-hehe- had my coffee and got ready to go out--now what i did next i couldnt beleive i did-being half asleep still and not thinking sprayed a squirt of colonge on--now being almost 5:30 in the morning didnt have time to take a shower to remove the smell, and original stetson does smell, i finished getting ready and we headed out. my father in law and my two brother in laws decide to head into the woods, which are about 400 yrds be hind the house, i decided to sit underneath a small apple tree and wait. an hour passed and nothing so i decided to smoke a cig. then about 7:30 this little fawn came from out of the tree line, about 70 yrds in front of me. okay now what, (i was thinking ) i lokked up again and there was this spike horn standing there about 50 yrds in front of me, wow this one has antlers, so pulled up my 308 w/150 grn win. supreme. boom --shot him in chest and he ran for about 20 yrds and droped. well being first one i ended up dragging him 250 yrds to the back feild, innards and all. worst part of it was i left rope at home. awfull thankful for the snow. with rest of the group in the woods i ended up getting my step farther to help me clean him. we loaded him into his truck and took him to the house. my wife and mother in law didnt belive me that i shot one until i showed them the blood on me pants. it was a beautiful deer, his spikes were 17' ' long. he only weighed 112 lbs. but worth it pound for pound. sorry so long--
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Default RE: 1st deer stories....let' s hear some.

well i was 12.....hunted hard all year....seen a few deer but couldnt identify if htye were bucks so i let them walk...the last saturday of buck season juniours could take does....wouldnt you know it dad had to work....his friend at work is a good friend of ours and was off and offered to take me out....it was kinda wierd at first...but we started joking and having a good ole time pretty quick....i was a pretty chy kid and wasnt alone iwth people i didnt know well much at all so it was wierd for a while....well we get there and we see a BIG buck and a bunch of other deer all scatter...didnt look for antlers.....i was focused on that giant rack bouncing away...couldnt believe it.....they all run down over a hill.....so we get out and get our gear on and start up the hillside....the guy hunts wierd.....every few steps hed stop and every once in a while hed blow a grunt call......we really took it easy and barely made a peep...we get there and im watching over a gulley about 40 some yards out...he said they run up and donw that...i was sitting there watching a squirrel and listening to some turkeys when i heard something coming....gun laying across my lap not expecting to see a turkey...a nice little doe walks straight up to us....no shot....no time to get the gun up....no biggie....a little later i hear the same thing....i knew it was a deer.....my heart was POUNDING...i looked and looked and couldnt find it anywhere....then teh guy says deer deer! i was like oh! and i seen it....it was nice mature doe....i asked if i should shoot and when i heard the y in yes i touched off....the deer took a 168gr hpbt from a 308 winchester mod 88 to the boiler room..hit her so hard she did a flip in the air no lie....sideways...he feet should faced me...but she flipped in the air and they were facing away from me....the guy couldnt believe it....he seen the flip and all.....after the shot about 50 turkeys took to wing and a big herd of deer took off.....alot of deer...probally about 15....1 ran down the gulley like the deer i shot and we both asked if it was the one i shot but we didnt know so he said let it go....we walked down there sure enough she was laying right tehre where i put her.....it was a nice big mature doe.....i was a happy 12 year old!!
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Default RE: 1st deer stories....let' s hear some.

it was 2 years ago, and i was 13. I was hunting in Monticello with my uncles and they set me up on a fire trail where they had put out some rice bran the night before. I was sittin there and 9:00 came around and it was time to radio in for a checkup that dad had planned for every hour on the hour. we started talkin then my dad' s friend that came with us said that he had deer infront of him so he was gonna go and to not talk til he said it was ok. a few minutes later we heard him shoot and we got started talkin again and dad told me to stay put and he was gonna go look for Bill' s deer. i wanted to come, but dad said no. About 30 minutes after that, i hear a snort behind me and i turn around slowly and this small 6 point is lookin at me and he ran about 10 yds and stopped and looked back and when he did i had the mini-30 sks to my shoulder, sights on him, and the trigger pulled. he ran about 60 yards and fell. dad and bill didn' t find any blood so they came and helped me drag him out. it was one of the best days in my life.
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Default RE: 1st deer stories....let' s hear some.

Mine was 12 on a doe mulie youth tag. My uncle had decided this would be the perfect way to get my whistle wet and turned out to be a fairly easy hunt as after passing 3 does and faws sets(my uncle said never shoot a doe with her babies, something that has stuck with me till today some 22 years later)I took a nice single doe at 125 yards with a 308 win. not 1/2 hour into opening morning. I was shaking like a leaf and forgot to touch the safety off for the first attempt, I connected on my second shot but pulled it just a tad hitting her right in the base of the neck. Damn I could have sworn I was aiming behind her front shoulder!!! Things got better that first year as opening morning of whitetails I took my first buck a basket rack 3 x 3 with a clean heart shot at 50 yards. On the weds while walking back to the truck for lunch the call of nature struck my dad, as he scurried off to find a log to squat on, unknown to him was a nice 4x4 buck and he pushed him out on the cutline about 100 yards in front of me, the buck looked right at me without wasting much time I placed a bullet in his lungs and was tagged out for my first biggame season. I certainly owe a lot to my uncle and dad for that first year, they both worked very hard to ensure I was in the right place at the right time and took me to the range a lot to make sure I was comfortable with the rifle. However it was beginners luck, cuz since then it sure hasn' t got any easier. It did light a fire under my butt and I paid my uncle back a number of years later help him tag a big mulie buck and his first/only bull elk before he passed.
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