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How do you gut your deer?

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Originally Posted by UPHunter08
Can't have it quartered, skinned, butchered, etc until after you have that little metal tag affixed by the registration center.

We can now quarter it in WI, which I think is fairly new and that we used to have to bring completely intact deer to be registered.

Originally Posted by 2011 Wisconsin Deer Hunting Regulations
Deer Registration
Deer must be kept intact, except for field dressing, skinning, and quartering* prior to registration. The lower legs up to the tarsus joint (“ankle or hock”) on the hind legs and up to the carpus joint (“wrist or knee”) on the front legs, may also be removed. If the skin or legs are removed prior to registration they must be kept with the carcass until after the deer is registered.
* Hunters may divide a deer into as many as five pieces (provided the head remains attached to one of the 5 parts of the carcass) prior to registration to facilitate removal of the carcass from the field. The hide and lower legs, if removed, do not count as one of the 5 parts. Prior to registration, only one deer that has been quartered may be stored or transported at a time, but quartered deer can be transported with other intact deer. In addition to the tagging requirements, all deer must be registered at a DNR Deer Registration Station. Registration forms are available at deer registration stations.
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This all reminds me of a joke...

These two (ethnic choice is yours) are dragging out a buck by pulling on the legs. The horns are catching on every bit of underbrush and they're having a heck of a time. They come upon another hunter and he says "guys, you're doing that all wrong. Grab it by the horns and it will just slide along easily over everything" and so the two tried it. One of them says "geez, that guy was right, this works a whole lot better" and the other one says "yeah, I know, but aren't we getting farther away from the car?"

Oh well.
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There's no real need to split the pelvis or sternum to field dress. I cut around the anus and pull everything back into the cavity. Splitting the pelvis can result in breaking the bladder, which isn't really what you want.
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Some guys like to get elbo deep in the yuck. I'm not one of them. I want it done fast and clean and don't really need to lighten them up because our drags are usually pretty short.

We drag them whole to a place where I can get to them with my lawnmower/tailer and load them up. Take them to the skinning rig I built and split them while still on the trailer from Rectun to jaw, using a hatchet to split through ribs beside sternum and breast bone.

Put on gambrel and hoist it up a bit, (with hand crank boat winch) cut out the brown hole, reach in and carefully pull all that through without damaging bladder or intestines. Cut it all loose from spine as it all falls into a big (old) cooler all the way to the tounge! Takes about 5 minutes total and I don't bloody past my hands. Everything but the front shoulders are boned while hanging adn I do them on the table the next day prepeing the meat for grinder. Everything I want packaged whole is vacuum packed the next day after a short soak in cold water overnight in the utility sink. Everything else gets pre-processed (cut up) for grinding, refrigerated overnight adn ground, packaged and froze the following day.

It takes 1 hour from the time the trailer backs in until the whole thing is in my sink ready for the next step. We use the cooler to also catch all the rest of the scrap and haul it off and bury it. We try to keep the smell down where we dump it by doin that but now the coyotes are thick enough that they clean it up pretty quick. Might not even bury the stuff this year.
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Normally, I gut my deer as soon as I can after it expires. I cut around the anus and then use the butt out tool. If it's a doe I cut the milk sac out. If it's a buck I start in same place, but get the boy's privates detached. After that I start cutting up the center to halfway up the sternum to allow reaching in to cut the esophagus. I sever that and then make some cuts along the ribs to detach the connective tissue and start yanking. Everything usually comes out with maybe a few more remaining cuts.

Once back to the house I either lay it on a table or hang it up. I prefer to hang it. Then skin and quarter and place in cooler. Then I reach in my other cooler and grab a cold beer to celebrate!!

In Maryland, we can check in deer online. We have up to 24 hours to do so.
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Why do you guys want to mess with the anus???

Learn to cut around the lower backbone and cut down to the ball
and socket joint on the ham...Take a stout knife and pop apart the
ball and socket and the ham comes off...No saw needed, no playing
with the anus...
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Originally Posted by afd33
We can now quarter it in WI, which I think is fairly new and that we used to have to bring completely intact deer to be registered.
Now you tell me, after I dragged a big boy out last weekend.

Actually, wouldn't have mattered anyway, because it's easy for me to throw it on the cart. I'd rather butcher it back at the house than in the field (much more sanitary). Good to know though!
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With a steak knife??? yep, my buddy just had fanny pack stolen on Sat, arrowed a doe Sun mornin, went back to the camper it was only thing he could find. Last year he came out of the forest with jacket sleeve cut off, we rolled on the ground laughing.....
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I never field dress deer. But the place I clean them is on the same property. I take the legs off at the knees, skin the hind legs down to the hip then put the gambrel in. Hoist the deer up and take the head off, then skin down the hind legs, cut around the butt hole, pull the rectum up and tie it off. Run a chain with a rope on each end through a ring in the ground and tie around a golf ball and the hind quarter hide. Use the electric hoist to skin the deer. Then split the rib cage from sternum all the way and down the throat. Then cut the belly from the pelvis down to the sternum and the guts will fall out with minimal handling. When the guts are out and in the tub pull out the esophagus. Clean out with the water hose and put in the walk-in . We hang them with a Z shaped rod that goes up through the pelvic opening and hangs on a beam. Don't cut through the pelvis.
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I cut as little as possible. I see guys dragging deer out that look as if they used a chain saw. Split ribs, split pelvis, all the glands (real or imagined) cut off and leaves and dirt all over exposed meat that is cut away by butchers because it is dried out. I remove the guts from the esophagus back to the butt hole and leave it in until I cut it up. It is a crime the way some people handle a deer after it is killed. No wonder they give it all away because nobody in their family likes the taste of venison.
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