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I never field dress deer. But the place I clean them is on the same property. I take the legs off at the knees, skin the hind legs down to the hip then put the gambrel in. Hoist the deer up and take the head off, then skin down the hind legs, cut around the butt hole, pull the rectum up and tie it off. Run a chain with a rope on each end through a ring in the ground and tie around a golf ball and the hind quarter hide. Use the electric hoist to skin the deer. Then split the rib cage from sternum all the way and down the throat. Then cut the belly from the pelvis down to the sternum and the guts will fall out with minimal handling. When the guts are out and in the tub pull out the esophagus. Clean out with the water hose and put in the walk-in . We hang them with a Z shaped rod that goes up through the pelvic opening and hangs on a beam. Don't cut through the pelvis.
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