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Some guys like to get elbo deep in the yuck. I'm not one of them. I want it done fast and clean and don't really need to lighten them up because our drags are usually pretty short.

We drag them whole to a place where I can get to them with my lawnmower/tailer and load them up. Take them to the skinning rig I built and split them while still on the trailer from Rectun to jaw, using a hatchet to split through ribs beside sternum and breast bone.

Put on gambrel and hoist it up a bit, (with hand crank boat winch) cut out the brown hole, reach in and carefully pull all that through without damaging bladder or intestines. Cut it all loose from spine as it all falls into a big (old) cooler all the way to the tounge! Takes about 5 minutes total and I don't bloody past my hands. Everything but the front shoulders are boned while hanging adn I do them on the table the next day prepeing the meat for grinder. Everything I want packaged whole is vacuum packed the next day after a short soak in cold water overnight in the utility sink. Everything else gets pre-processed (cut up) for grinding, refrigerated overnight adn ground, packaged and froze the following day.

It takes 1 hour from the time the trailer backs in until the whole thing is in my sink ready for the next step. We use the cooler to also catch all the rest of the scrap and haul it off and bury it. We try to keep the smell down where we dump it by doin that but now the coyotes are thick enough that they clean it up pretty quick. Might not even bury the stuff this year.
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