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Normally, I gut my deer as soon as I can after it expires. I cut around the anus and then use the butt out tool. If it's a doe I cut the milk sac out. If it's a buck I start in same place, but get the boy's privates detached. After that I start cutting up the center to halfway up the sternum to allow reaching in to cut the esophagus. I sever that and then make some cuts along the ribs to detach the connective tissue and start yanking. Everything usually comes out with maybe a few more remaining cuts.

Once back to the house I either lay it on a table or hang it up. I prefer to hang it. Then skin and quarter and place in cooler. Then I reach in my other cooler and grab a cold beer to celebrate!!

In Maryland, we can check in deer online. We have up to 24 hours to do so.
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