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Originally Posted by UPHunter08 View Post
Can't have it quartered, skinned, butchered, etc until after you have that little metal tag affixed by the registration center.

We can now quarter it in WI, which I think is fairly new and that we used to have to bring completely intact deer to be registered.

Originally Posted by 2011 Wisconsin Deer Hunting Regulations
Deer Registration
Deer must be kept intact, except for field dressing, skinning, and quartering* prior to registration. The lower legs up to the tarsus joint (“ankle or hock”) on the hind legs and up to the carpus joint (“wrist or knee”) on the front legs, may also be removed. If the skin or legs are removed prior to registration they must be kept with the carcass until after the deer is registered.
* Hunters may divide a deer into as many as five pieces (provided the head remains attached to one of the 5 parts of the carcass) prior to registration to facilitate removal of the carcass from the field. The hide and lower legs, if removed, do not count as one of the 5 parts. Prior to registration, only one deer that has been quartered may be stored or transported at a time, but quartered deer can be transported with other intact deer. In addition to the tagging requirements, all deer must be registered at a DNR Deer Registration Station. Registration forms are available at deer registration stations.
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