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over kill

Old 12-01-2008, 10:44 AM
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Default RE: over kill

As others have said whatever you can shoot accurately is fine, but I still stand firm on the fact that SHOT PLACEMENT is the biggest factor in hunting, not what caliber you're shooting. I don't care how big your rifle is, a gut shot is a gut shotand will still cause the animal hours of suffering before death.
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Default RE: over kill

The longest shot I've ever taken was on a 5x5 mule deer on public land in South Dakota. It was 500 yards. I pulled out my range finder, made my corrections on the scope, adjusted the bipod and dropped him on the spot. The 180 grain Accubond bullet entered high behind the shoulder and stopped under the hide on the opposet side.

That would have really pushed the limits of my 30-06, but my .300 win mag did it with no problem. Obviously you don't need a magnum, but it sure is nice sometimes.

Now that I live here, I'll probably never have another chance to hunt out west, but I see no reason to hunt with any other gun. I've already got one that works just fine and shoots better than any other gun I've ever owned.
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Old 12-01-2008, 11:41 AM
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Default RE: over kill

I have no problem with "Overkill" but a gun that is borderline with killing a deer clean gets me a little mad (i.e. .223 on a Nothern Whitetail). If it can drop a deer and looses very little meat, use whatever you like!
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Old 12-01-2008, 11:51 AM
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Default RE: over kill

For me it is comfort and matching the rifle to the animal being pursued.I hunted for a number of years with a 300 Win mag.It was a mountain rifle (light)the recoil on it was stupid,I hated to practice with it.I sold it and for the last decade have hunted with a .270.More than enough gun and with the right bullet there is no angle I can't get a bullet into the chest cavity with on a whitetail.I can practice with it all day long with no adverse effects.
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Default RE: over kill

I agree 100% - shot placement is key. I also think too may folks get all caught up in high powered magnum rifles. A .243 vs a .300 win mag is a perfect example. Both will kill deer with the proper shotbut hunting styles must also be considered.

If hunting from a treestand, I would recommend either. But, if tracking deer in the snow is the strategy, shooting at a running deer, multiple times,will probably come into play. In that case, I would certainly go with the .243 because it kicks much less than the .300 win mag and my chance to get back on the deer would be better using the .243. I have shot both and in my case, I find it takes a little more time to get back on target using the .300 win mag. A little more very vaulable time.

Just my 2 cents.
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Default RE: over kill

i dont think theres an overkill. as long as you can handle the gun and you feel comfortable using it.
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Default RE: over kill

Use what you wanna use, what does an opinion on this mean anyway.Im sticking with my Ruger .243 dont know why i would need anything bigger? Are we hunting elephant or deer?
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Default RE: over kill

I use a 7mm rem mag. I also think that the extra power is nice, and I have never really flinched. But I to believe dead is dead as long as the animal has as little suffering as possible use what gets the job done. Use what you like to and are able to shoot accurately. I have had my share of long shots and a few very very close shots the 7 stops them where I hit them thats why I like it no or very little tracking.
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