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how to stay warm?

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Default RE: how to stay warm?

I'd like to try one of those heater body suits for the NY winters but I think they are over $300.
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Default RE: how to stay warm?

Their has been some good advice given, but no one has mentioned STAY AWAY FROM COTTON!!!! Cotton holds moisture against the skin (whether it be sweat, rain, water splashed while crossing a stream etc...) and will stay wet. The heat from your body then is stolen by the water and you will be miserable all day. Use a polyester (like UnderArmor or any other brand) or silk base layer for the top and bottom, layer on more clothes of polyester, wool, or fleece, and then have an outer layer that stops the wind. Jeans are cotton and are evil when they get wet - agian go w/ polyster, wool, or fleece. I have a pair of pants that are lined with fleece that are great.

Of course, a hood or hat that covers the ears is a must, as are gloves.

As for the feet, a good pair (or two) of merino wools socks inside a pair of proper fitting knee high insulated rubber boots (too tight is bad). Stay away from steel toe boots, as a lot of heat is lost from your feet to heat the metal in the boot.

If you dress right, you won't care when it gets "cold". LOL

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Default RE: how to stay warm?

It depends on where you live/hunt and how cold you expect it to get, wind, etc.
Hunting deer in northern MN and Elk in Wyoming, I find the combination of these clothes to keep me warm 98% of the time. If I use this and still start getting cold, I start walking for a awhile to get the circulation going.
Cap (since 30+% of you heat loss in through you head) I wear a heavy wool outer and thick fleece line cap with fold out ear flaps by "Crown Cap" from Canada. Cabela's has something similar, though I never wore one of there's that's made in USA.
1-2 med-polar weight polypropelene long underwear bottoms by Duofold. (no cotton)
1 polar weight polypropelene long underwear top by Duofold.
1 Polartec fleece sheat shirt top (these are very warm) maybe too warm for all but sub-zero weather. If it's above that I'd weara medium weight wool shirt.
A windproof Gore-Tex insulated hunting jacket over that.
Pants - heavy wool hunting pants. Wool keeps you warmer, even if you get them wet, though never try to get wet, if you can avoid and get dry as soon as possible, if you ever say fall into water.
Socks - 1 pair onlyof Angora goat hair socks from Ada Austin farm Harmony MN. These are the warmest most comfortable socks I ever owned. They cost, but they last and she says mushers on the Iditorod race have worn them. These socks move the sweat away naturally and won't chafe like wool on your skin. Otherwise wear a light polypropolene sock under a medium weight wool.
Boots - Gore-Tex or other waterproof boot with 600-1000 grams of thinsulate for more walking hunt. Felt lined good waterproof pak boot, if you're mostly on a stand will be fine.
Mitts - grommet wool gloves that have the fold over flap to cover your fingers completely and thinsulate lined. I find these best to keep your fingers warm when you waiting or walking and can quickly flip the flap up/back to have finger tips only exposed for a shot or when you need to use your fingers.

Bring firestarter (e.g. lighter, waterproof matches, flint striker and/or strike anywhere matches in a sealing container. If you'd for some reason get stuck out in the field/woods you need that, with your other equipment to survive.) I always think of what I'd need, if I had to spend a day/night in the coldest of weather, snow and wind in winter in Minnesota in planning. That's why I think about the details....
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Default RE: how to stay warm?

I hunt in Iowa late season muzzy where temps often times dip under 0 degrees with the wind chill...I found that not wearing cotton socks (b/c they make your feet sweat and when they cool off...ya...they get COLD) helps a lot to keep the feet warm. I also wear 1000 gram thinsulate boots. I just bought new Under Armour cold gear and honestly, ya it's expensive, but it's AMAZING. It's not bulky and it keeps you SO warm! I also found that if you can keep your hands nice and toasty it helps a lot so I take a little hand warmer tube thing that you wear around your waist and put a couple hand warmers in there. I don't even wear gloves...it's REALLY warm.
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Default RE: how to stay warm?

Heres what I do to keep warm. Mind you that I typically hunt Northern NY from mid November thru mid December. No Cotton first off! In the backpacking world they have a term "cotton kills" and that is so true so just dont wear it. My layers are based upon what we typically wear here at work (U.S. Coast Guard) so we have a great understanding on what it takes to keep warm. Especially in 30 degree water for hours at a time! LOL! We always wear the polypropelene base layer then the polar fleece body suit. A water tight dry suit is the last layer and that isn't very thick at all so If you go with a goretex lined coveralls or bib/parka combo you should be good to go.

layer 1: B.A.N (butt @$$ Naked) NO COTTON NOT EVEN SKIVIES!!! Put a good layer of polypropelene pants and shirt. This is the ultimate wicking material. Under Armor is pretty good but there are cheaper options that will do the same exact thing. You are paying for the name when you use under armor.

Layer 2: Get polar fleece body suit or pants and shirt. This is a secondary wicking material and will keep you warm.

Layer 3: A good set of Insulated winter coveralls or bibs and parka combo. This combo should be well insulated and water/wind proof.

Hats and gloves: Use a good fleece or wool hat that covers the ears and use dual layered gloves that are insulated and water proof. A fleece hood with a bacalava work awesome.

Boots: If you sit all day get a good set of pac boots (2000gram) or if you walk alot get lighter gram boots. Use polypro socks and then fleece or wool socks over them. Make sure you buy boots a 1/2 size up or more to fit with the sock layer. Tight boot= frozen feet!

This is what I have used for years now and I can sit for hours whiole others go back to camp. I hope that this info helps out.


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Default RE: how to stay warm?

best solution.........JIM BEAM...... oh wait alchol and firearms dont mix!!!!
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Default RE: how to stay warm?

Everything everyone else has said has been great. One thing I would like to add about keeping your feet warm is to not tie your boots too tight. I will even keep mine tied just tight enough to keep them sealed up. If you are walking all day you would have to have your boots tied on good so they don't move around. If you are like most deer hunters and sit for a long amount of time you want to make sure you have enough blood flowing to your extremities. Tight boots keep the blood from flowing to your feet and thus making them cold. Just my two cents worth.
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