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how to stay warm?

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Default how to stay warm?

i may not be posting this in the right place, soi am sorry if i am in the wrong. i wanna know what i can do to stay warm whilei am in my stand besides throwing on a bunch of think shirts and jackets? i see all the new underarmor stuff and such, but what can i do to stay warm without having to look like the younger brother off of The Christmas Story. im in the lower part of Ga, so its not like it gets really cold here, it just gets colder than we are used to 95% of the year and then its really wet, bitting feeling. my dads method was always packing on more layers of the thick stuff
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Default RE: how to stay warm?

There's a lot of good advice in this thread:
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Default RE: how to stay warm?

Best thing you can do is have a few layers. Most important is not to get hot walking in. Once you work up a sweat and sit down if it's cold your screwed. I also use toe warmers in my boots and hand warmers in my gloves if it's real cold. Georgia Cold??? You should try Illinois.......
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Default RE: how to stay warm?

thanks renaissance

yeah,, sj, when its gets down to around 40 degrees here, ppl we start thinking its too cold. haha, i could only imagine what it would be like in places where it gets to below 0 or what have you
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Default RE: how to stay warm?

This is what I do and I out last both my brother-in-laws yearlyaswe hunt northern Minnesota deer stands in November. Your area is not even close to the cold temerature we see.I usa good base layer like Under Armor relaxed fit base layer #3. I'm told by Under Armor not to use the cold gear compression fit if you are not actively moving (like sitting in tree stand) it can cut off blood circulation. Then I use 1 or 2 layers of Polerteck (according to the temperatures) then myouter layer blaze orangehunting outfit. For feet I use a thin polyester base layer sock covered with athick wool blend sock and 1000-gram insulated boots. Boots must be oversize to accomodate thicker socks and haveadditional room left after that. If you have tight boots in the cold you are dead meat. After all that I start throwing in heat packs in mypockets andboots.Yes I am loaded down pretty good but I have to say for a Italian guy that grew up inSan Francisco, I out last thehome grownNorwegian boys in the cold everyyear.
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Default RE: how to stay warm?

thanks guys
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Default RE: how to stay warm?

Boot blankets are a big help.
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Default RE: how to stay warm?

I've got 2 words for you: artic shield. I have the h1 parka and the h4 pullover or h3 i disremember which one that thing is. But anyway I wore a long underwear and the lighter pullover most of last year, until january when it got pretty cold. Pack your stuff in, either on your backpack on strapped to your climber, bibs everything so you don't work up a sweat cuz that sweat will freeze to your skin if it's trapped under a bunch of layers. But this stuff is light, not super bulky and incredibly warm and i hunt in illinois and love it!
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Default RE: how to stay warm?

I hunt in west-central Georgia (Upson County) and it does get a bit colder than "the 40's" there, but not nearly as cold as further north. We'll typically get November and December mornings in the high 20's to low 30's... Layering is indeed key. A fairly snug layer of long underwear to help wick away moisture/sweat from your body, an insulating layer (thick tee-shirt and pants [sweats]), then a camo cover tee or button-up shirt is good enough if I'm on the ground. If I'm in an elevated stand, I'll add a layer of insulated cover-alls over the top. I'm one of those people who's feet seem to regulate my body temperature, so, I'll throw a pack of toe warmers in my pack in case my feet start to get cold; if so, on they go; if not, in the pack they stay. Other things to try are fleece neck/head gaiters... if you're subject to getting cold from wind or breeze blowing on your neck, these can really help. finally, gloves... the ones with the built-in mitten flaps are wonderful. Put a chemical hand-warmer pack in the folding "mitten" part... if your fingers get hot, open the mitten; if they get cold, close the mitten.

Also, as others mention... avoiding sweat while walking in does wonders. If you're wearing cover-alls, open them up at the top and/or slip your arms and shoulders out of the top half (use the arms to tie the top half around your waist) until you get to where you plan on hunting. The physical exertion will keep you mostly warm getting to your favorite spot. When you get there and get situated, wait until you start getting cold (this allows alot of the perspiration to evaporate into the atmosphere, thus, not trapping it inside your cover-alls) then put your cover-alls back on or slip your arms back into the sleeves.
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Default RE: how to stay warm?

last year was quite cold here in central wis. me and my father were taping the large hand/body warmers to each others back. on top of our first layer, right between the shoulder blades. when u start feeling cold lean back into a tree pressing the warmer tighter against your back. i know it sounds stupid and doesn't solve all the problems like cold feet and hands. but damn it feels good.
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Quick Reply: how to stay warm?

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