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Urban Archery

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Default Urban Archery

I have access to some land in a relatively urban area of VA. The actual parcel is only a little over 5 acres but surrounded by larger tracts of woods. Is there any advice anyone may have for hunting this type of property? Deer are dime a dozen in the area so I don't think it will be too hard but any advice would be great.

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Default RE: Urban Archery

might have to go low key and be unnoticed...that could mean going early and staying late...even wearing civilian clothes in and out of the woods...(youll find some people in urban areas DO NOT like hunters or want to see dead deer, or a hunter etc...)

gotta watch about gutting deer, and when/where you drag them too...

lots of worries with the neighbors...even if you have permission and are legal, they can ruin things if they want...weather its harassment, cops, etc...

gotta make the shot count and put the deer down quickly...dont need it dying in someones yard...

i also noticed that the deer seem to have the PEOPLE patterened...i hunted an orchard...from dawn till 8-9 oclock its noisy...people going to work...kids going to school...news paper delivery, garbage trucks etc etc etc...after all that the deer started sneaking into the orchard...it was wierd...so keep that in mind...

also keep in mind that if pressured, they will likely be REAL close to houses...once our gun season starts deer lay right in the backyards for refuge...

ive also encountered people, people walking dogs, people riding ATVs, kids playing in the woods etc etc...

just gotta be smart and it can be a gold mine...
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Default RE: Urban Archery

I live just north of Charlotte North Carolina. I live in a subdivision with a small patch of woods directly behind my house (about 10 acres) that is surrounded by homes and commercial buildings. It as a creek and a small pond on it. All the neighborhood kids play back there. My boys came home oneevening and said they saw deer tracks. I doubted them at first, but sure enough, they were right.

Last season,I set-up my climber just off a deer trail. I was only 50 yards off a road,150 yards from a commercial building supply company, and250 yards from my house. By530pm, the traffic from thebuilding supplycompanydied down. Just then four teenages walked within 25 yards of my stand, smoking, swearing,making their parents proud. I didn't move, they didn't see me. by 630 they left and within 20 minutes, a huge doe andtwo yearlings came in. I watched them for about 3 minutes, then shot the doe. It was my first archery deer. She was HUGE. It was a double lung shot and she ran about50 yards. I recovered her after waiting about30 minutes.

My learning was what normally would spook a deer at my hunting club doesn't phase the city deer. They see and smell people frequently. Even 16 year old punks smoking.
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Default RE: Urban Archery

Most of my bowhunting is done in WV...But I live in Ohio. I live on 6 acres...but the trees are still small, and the deer just pass through.

My dad lives on 10 acres and there are deer everywhere. It's fairly urban and I've been hunting there for 3 years. It's been a ball hunting these deer. They are soooooooooooo predictable because the terrain dictates where they must travel, and they are also somewhat used to human scent.

Just watch bowhunting there...a deer falling over beside a swingset with an arrow sticking out of it can turn into a sticky situation...
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Default RE: Urban Archery

Ive been hunting in Northern Va for as long as I can remember. The urban areas hold a lot of huge deer. But there is some truth to whats said above. Be invisible to other people as possible, even though you have permission to be there, its best not to alert others of your presence incase they disapprove. I have had people do all sorts of things from calling the cops to harassement. One women was almost arrested, because hunter harassment is illegal in VA. Thank god the landlord hated his neighbor so he thought it was funny. When hunting look for funnels. That is the key. Urban deer get pushed around all the time. Funnels is where they always end up. Another key is the worse the weather the better, because people wont be outside milling around. Make good shots, i personally have had the swing set thing happen. Thank god it was on the property had permission and the owner thought it was funny. My friend had deer die leaning about against a neighbors Porsche. That guy didnt not find it funny. Another thing, dont spook them to much, they catch on quick.I hunt a huge farm too, but the urban deer tend to understand people alot better and will catch on to you fast. The farm deer dont seem to be able to pattern people as well.
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