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I live just north of Charlotte North Carolina. I live in a subdivision with a small patch of woods directly behind my house (about 10 acres) that is surrounded by homes and commercial buildings. It as a creek and a small pond on it. All the neighborhood kids play back there. My boys came home oneevening and said they saw deer tracks. I doubted them at first, but sure enough, they were right.

Last season,I set-up my climber just off a deer trail. I was only 50 yards off a road,150 yards from a commercial building supply company, and250 yards from my house. By530pm, the traffic from thebuilding supplycompanydied down. Just then four teenages walked within 25 yards of my stand, smoking, swearing,making their parents proud. I didn't move, they didn't see me. by 630 they left and within 20 minutes, a huge doe andtwo yearlings came in. I watched them for about 3 minutes, then shot the doe. It was my first archery deer. She was HUGE. It was a double lung shot and she ran about50 yards. I recovered her after waiting about30 minutes.

My learning was what normally would spook a deer at my hunting club doesn't phase the city deer. They see and smell people frequently. Even 16 year old punks smoking.
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