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Patterned a Buck

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Default RE: Patterned a Buck

Nobody has hunted the property for years and yes, it is a sanctuary. The finger actually starts on our property and goes across the neighbor's ground. I setup a game camera to see if I can get apicture of the guy coming onto our farm. The neighbor let us shed hunt the property so I am familiar with the terrian and it is EXTREMELY think cover. I never thought about water so I'll be sure to look for routes to the nearby creek. Also, it's a bean field I am seeing him in. Should be interesting and at the very least, keep me up at night!

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Right now all that deer cares about is food and water, once the idea of finding the ladies kicks in, it's a whole new ball game. Is anybody hunting your neighbors property or is it just a sanctuary? I really wouldn't worry much, when the food source changes and his velvetcomes off he'll be findingdifferent routes out of his bedding area and hopefully one will be past your stand. Good Luck!
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Default RE: Patterned a Buck

Hate to bust your bubble...
But his patternWILL change...
My best advise would be, try figure what he will be doing when his pattern does change.
By Oct 1, days will be getting shorter and cooler.How will that effect him?
By Oct 1, will you be the only onehunting him? Probably not. That could drive him to be nocturnal or plumb out of the of the area. where will he go?
By Oct 1, his food source will change. What will hemost likely be eating then?
I have scouted all summer many times for that big buck.
There pattern changedany where from 2 weeks before season to 2 days after the start. Once they start seeing people in the woods they know whats up.
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Default RE: Patterned a Buck

Oh yeah, his activity levels and routine will change come fall. He will be a completely different deer than you're scouting right now. Find his bedding area, which is probably gonna be your neighbors thick woods, depending on food sources and water. I'm sure you've been told this before, but that's the best way to find him.Find the bed and hunt him hard pre-rut and during rut.Look at it this way, if you don't see this deer during the season, or if somebody else kills him, at least you know he's been spreadin his seed every year and there's bound to be another hoss in that area. If you keep at it and hunt that place hard year after year, you'll get that 150 or one better, trust me.I had a 24+" wide perfect 8 point on my camera for an entire fall and spring season, hunted the hell out of him til I just flat gave up, and found out he was killed by a guy in the club next to me. This past season I got on another one and got him, scored 140. So don't give up and don't get discouraged if you don't get him. Keep at it, keep the same drive and good attitude and it will surely pay off. I find the harder I work, and the more passion I have about the outdoors and hunting, the luckier I am. Can you plant anything on your side that might help draw more does away from the other property? Corn really won't make too big of a difference I don't think. Maybe if it was a young buck, but not a big old mature deer like that. He didn't get that 150+" rack by standing over a pile of corn during daylight hours, at least they don't down here.........probably because so many stupid unethicaltrashyhunters have killed deer over corn forso many years. Now the deer down here know that cornpile = Dirt nap. Anyways I've nver done it and never will. I like to actually HUNT. Just keep up the scouting and try your best to determine where he might be bedding come fall. Good luck, I really hope you get him!
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