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What do you think about deer drives?

Old 11-07-2007, 07:54 AM
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Default RE: What do you think about deer drives?

If they are on private property, you can't say anything against anyone doing anything.

I personally put together a few deer drives, single, double, or family drives. They produce deer.
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Old 11-07-2007, 08:19 AM
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Default RE: What do you think about deer drives?

My first deer hunt was a drive, I think I was 10 or 11. Ive never had the chance to try one since then.
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Old 11-07-2007, 08:20 AM
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Default RE: What do you think about deer drives?

deer drives work........
here in wny we drive deer alot. 3 families of farmers,we hunt about 1500 acres. since i can remember we have takin atleast 1 or more scorable buck doing this every year. 1 thing we do tho is, the drivers actually still hunt towards the posters,as so you get more standing,walking, or slow trot shots. the walkers get shots as well at times also. if the wind permits,the walkers walk the same direction as the wind is blowing as that keeps the posters from going undetected.
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Old 11-07-2007, 09:37 AM
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Default RE: What do you think about deer drives?

alot of people have misconceptions about deer drives...

i did too...till i started taking part in them.

alot of people think they are unsafe, blazing away at deer running at mach 4, EASY, blah blah etc...

what i found is, when done properly, they are safe....deer arent running at mach 4...FAR from easy...

takes ALOT to get a deer drive to work...exspecially in smaller groups that we hunt with. our BIG days we will have maybe 15 guys MAX(usually only the opening day) after that we are 10 or less...majority of our people are also sitters. it takes alot of knowledge of the woods and terrain and habits of the deer to get things to go RIGHT. people think "oh a bunch of rednecks run through the woods yelling and banging on pots and pans and the deer run right to the sitters" far from true...yes, sometimes you gotta make some noise...but oftem times we are just sneaking and walking through...sitters have to know where to sit..where the deer are likely to head..

we also try not to mess up anyone elses hunts. we dont start till 11am, but we do go till dark...but we save our last drives of the day for places we know noone is hunting. yes, we still end up going by a couple guys on stand a year...i enjoy talking to them. 99% of the time they dont mind..often times they thank us for getting the deer moving. if my crew dont go through and drive an area, someone else will...theres ALOT of pressure...stand hunters RELY on someone else to get the deer moving...

i also love to "team work" and commrodity of hunting with a group. i love being a driver and know i got deer moving, and a couple minutes later hearing a sitter shoot...thats music to my ears...even if it turns out to be a trophy buck...were all in it together...

we HATE wounded deer. put your deer down or dont take the shot. but with a group, we are successful at finding the wounded deer and putting it down.

i cant wait for this year...killed my buck already so im a dog the whole time...gunna be a fun season. i was always the "leader" of the sitters. i can identify funnels and escape routes very well...and been with the group for going on 5 years now i think..so i know the drives well..that was my job..get the sitters in place...last year on opening day was the first time i got to drive all day...i loved it. every deer we killed was a deer i pushed out...yes..i had a buck tag and yes we killed a goodun that day...i heard him get up infront of me..dissappointed i didnt kill him? nope...
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