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do you feel bad?

Old 11-25-2005, 09:13 AM
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Default RE: do you feel bad?

I do feel bad for a lil bit for an animal i just shot and it wont be coming home with its famly or friends anymore but then i feel greatful to god that i could kill one of his creatures and then i eat it so that makes me feel good.lol
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Default RE: do you feel bad?

Nope , never .
All I feel at that moment is the rush ofadrenaline and a powerful sense of satisfaction .

Maybe you should take photo safaris instead. You could still use all of your skills and gear but the deer would get to live a little while longer . Catch and release , so to speak . Of course , once that deer has been snapped and let go he's gonna wander next door ...
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Default RE: do you feel bad?

I see for most of us our connection to nature is quite deep, we have a huge amount of respect for our quary and it is natural to feel a little bad for disrupting nature at her finest. This seems to be something that comes with maturity and many years of hunting. I remember when I was a kidI could kill everything out there and eat it or sell it, now I select species that are abundant before killing anything.
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Old 11-25-2005, 12:30 PM
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Default RE: do you feel bad?

I had tears in my eyes on the first deer i killed. It was a doulbe lung and heart shot. The only step it took was finisghing the leap that i shot it in and it just layed there breathing and heaving and i shot it again. I had tears tho. I always thank GOD tho for what i kill.
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Default RE: do you feel bad?

I feel kinda sad because I love animals (no I am not PETA activist) but I do value animal life just as much if not more than a human, the reason being is humans are very cruel. I get over feeling bad becase I know God has put animals here on earth for us. I know that not one gramof meat will be wasted on deer that I kill.

It makes me sick to know that there are other hunters out there that don't value animals, that don't have respect for other hunters and the animals. It makes me sick to see a deer lying dead becase some jackass didn't want to take the time to search for the deer he just shot. It makes me sick to see wounded deer. It makes me sick to hear jackass hunters talk about their hunting stories that usually go like this, "i seen a deer and shot it and hit it but it ran off and I looked for about 5 mins and found all kinds of blood but never found the deer" I've looked all night for a deer that I wasn't sure that I hit and there wasn't any blood but I just wanted to be 1000% sure that the bullet didn't hit it.

Another story is "I shot at a deer 5 times and then it just ran off" If you can't hit a deer in the first 2 times, I wish you wouldn't be hunting. I've never had to shoot more than once at a deer. I don't know if they have buck fever or just throw the gun up and shoot of what they do but I wish ppl would have a little more respect for themselves and the animals.

so no, when I thiknk about all the crap that goes own, I feel quite happy that I've killed a deer, clean, quick and I have found him.
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Default RE: do you feel bad?

I don't feel bad.....NOT AT ALL...Honest...
JUST ASK MY WIFE....SHE's always complaining that
My Eyes Are Glued To MY HEAD MOUNTS.
And she wishes she was a deer so she can get the attention she feels she deserves from me.....
My gun is not raised and trigger not pulled until I know its something I want..
Than after its a whole lot of Hoopla and Handshakes followed by a Smoke and pictures (All Smiles)......
After field dressing packing hanging skinning .. MORE CELEBRATION.....
Another Memory Made.......
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Default RE: do you feel bad?

I dont feel bad one bit. God put them creatures here for a purpose , to feed people. now i do feel bad when i shoot a deer and cant find it.
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