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do you feel bad

Old 11-10-2004, 11:52 AM
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Default do you feel bad

I love to go hunting. When you are out there and that deer walks by your stand you decide to take it. Part of me sort of feels bad that I am taking this deer life. I get over it fairly fast. I have respect for the deer they are living breathing animal as we are. Its silly that I feel bad, but thats how I feel.
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Default RE: do you feel bad

I have respect for the animal and try for the fastest and most humane kill possible. Yes it is somewhat emotional. But I have never actually felt bad about taking an animal. That is why I get up at 4am.
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Default RE: do you feel bad

Yes,If you dont,something wrong in your soul
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Default RE: do you feel bad

I always say a prayer afterwards thanking God for the deer and the opportunity to feed my family.
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Default RE: do you feel bad

I've been deer hunting for 41 years now and I always feel a little bit bad about killing a deer. One of the most beautiful animals in the woods!

Many years ago I read that the Native Americans of years ago had a prayer that they said after killing any kind of game, thanking the spirits and apologizing to the animal for killing it; wish I had looked into that more back then. Annieoakley, are you, by any chance, Native American?

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Default RE: do you feel bad

Amen. I start with a prayer and finish with one. Last year I hunted 20 minutes during modern gun before taking a nice 8 pt. I felt the life and death of that deer, How could you not? But I kept my promise to use that deer and I feel good about that. My 3 year old said it best when he saw his first head hanging on an uncles wall "OH What happenend deer?" We all must understand what happened and be thankful for the opportunity to hunt these animals.
Our respect for these animals is paramount and being thankful to God is also IMO.
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Default RE: do you feel bad

The first deer I killed was a doe that had a yearling. I didn't see the yearling when I shot. I felt bad, but it's the way of the wild. Yearlings are strong enough to survive on their own, and it was a quick clean kill. I still think about that one from time to time, but it's more out of respect for the animal now.
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Default RE: do you feel bad

It's very normal to feel bad. The deer I shot, I knelt down and said a prayer asking for forgiviness for taking her life but thanking God for the harvest.

IMO, it's part of making us good sportsmen/women.
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Default RE: do you feel bad

I don't think I could hunt with someone who didn't feel alittle bad after taking an animal.
Bruce H. is correct. Te native americans always thanked the spirts and God for the quick, clean kill. They also placed a small amount of grass in the deers mouth to feed him on his journey. Make the harvest spiritual, and you'll never look at hunting the same again. It can be truely wonderful when you become part of the circle of life.
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Default RE: do you feel bad


Don't feel silly.

I get a little gut wrenching feeling after every deer kill. IMO that is completely normal!

The good Lord put animals on this earth to serve us in various ways. Understand that and you will be able to move on and enjoy your harvest.
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