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I feel like.....

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Default I feel like.....

the donkey with the carrot dangling in it's face.[:@]
I didn't get to go chase elk on Saturday cause I promosed the kids to take them fishing.I quickly relaized 4 poles were going to be to many when one of my twin boys already had 2 fish on the bank and a my other boy had one on.The girls were just as excited to have a double header on some nice rainbows,but thats a diffrent story.
So I woke up yesterday at 4am and gathered all my stuff up and headed out the door.I drove to a new place I found this summer while camping,when I got there ther were a bunch of black angus cows camped in the clearing.So I came up with a new plan to try the next dranige over.I pull into the trail head just as light was gaining in the sky.I quickly threw my pack on and grabed my bow and turned up the steep incline.I noticed a couple of guys camping at the trail head with their bikes and atv's.Just as I crested the first turn I hear one start up the trail.I'm like "MAN THESE GUYS ARE GOING TO BE RIDING WHILE I'm HUNTING" well here comes a guy on a yammaha.I politly step out of the trail and stops and flips the lid on his helmet.He says are you going to be hunting here??I'm like DUH!! no I'm taking my bow for a walk,no not realy I said yes.He gose well I just wanted to let you know I saw about 40 head of elk on this next ridge last nite.Well I thanked him as he turned around and headed back down(had to be my day a nice atv rider??[&:]
So I waited till the sound died out and started cow calling and BOOM a smoking bugle.I race 50-60 yds to the direction and cow call again and he awsers back.I set-up and nock a arrow,I have my head and ears on a swivle,after about 20 minutes nothin.So Iget up and move away cow calling,nothing.I keep working through the timber cow calling and not getting any response.I pick up a big stick and start raking a tree and bugle and another BOOOMINg bugle sounds down off the ridge.I run this time breaking trees about head high and making TONS of noise while I'm doing this.I stop about 1/2 way and bugle and toss in some chuckles and grunts.He awsers back and he's coming in,I move another 20-30 yds and I can see him hes across a narrow ravine and he's side hilling but coming in.So my plan is to side hill him and when he crosses hit him with a cow call and turn him my way.Well in the proccess of sidehilling I lost my altitude and he crossed above me and now is behind me.I race back to where I first was and knock a arrow,I see him there's his head,he's walking fast.I range the tree 24 yds,I bring my bow up here he comesI see the front shoulder,but no clear shot,he's still coming 14 yds he's about to come out I draw my bow and he stops behind a TON of trees and brush and pinoin bushes.I'm full draw and UHOOOOOOO!!! I see him here comes the 2nd bull he's coming from where I just came from.Then all of a sudden lady luck leaves me and as I start to think I'm going to arrow my elk I feel the cool morrning breaze and it's a changing I moves from blowing at my face to blowinstraight behind me and CRASH!!!!! both bulls spin and are gone in the morning haze.I'm always so close but to no avail,I'm fustrated,yet pleasantly happy. I have 5 days of work left and then it's 9 days of hunting.The temps are suposed to be in the 50's cool and rain....maybe snow and the rut has started it's good to be me.
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Default RE: I feel like.....

Thanks for the story. Sorry it didn't all work out for you but what a memory. I'm headed back to CO at the end of the week and can only hope that I get to hear one up close and personal. I have heard a couple over the last two season openers but nothing very close. This will be my first hunt that isn't the opening week and I am sure hoping that they are a talking.
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Default RE: I feel like.....

good story BJ. Sounded Real exciting. Could you tell how decent the bulls were? doesn't really matter just wondering.
good luck
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Default RE: I feel like.....

Good story... Too bad you couldnt tag out. Better luck next time.
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Default RE: I feel like.....

Good story, we're kind of in the same boat, waiting five days, then out after'em for real.
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Default RE: I feel like.....

Hey Chad,
The first one that was accroos the ridge was a good one he was a heavy 6x6 not real wide but a good 300 class bull wich is a HOG around here.The other was a 5 or a small six he wasn't nearly as big as the first bull.
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Default RE: I feel like.....


Great story! Hey a 300 class bull is a dandy anywhere. Except maybe down in the Gila. Stick with it I'm sure you're having a blast. I'm waiting patiently for your story that has a succesful conclusion, and pics don't forget the pics. Remember I'm living vicariously through everyone else this elk season.

Nice to know that there are some folks on atv's that are still curteous. At least when he found out you where going to hunt that drainage he moved on and gave you some room.
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Default RE: I feel like.....

Remember I'm living vicariously through everyone else this elk season.
Me Too. Dammit[:@]

Go get 'em boys
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Default RE: I feel like.....

Great Story. Hang in there. Although it's great to go out and bag an animal, if you did it every time there would be not much fun after awhile.
For me Elk is the last great animal that still gives me a rush. I have so many deer around here it just does not give me the same addrenilin rush as it used to.
Looks like the weather forcast has changed a bit maybe a touch of snow in the high country might just get um going.
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