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Pointing Labs

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Default RE: Pointing Labs

Doc E all I could to what you said is Amen!!!
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Default RE: Pointing Labs

ORIGINAL: drgildy

Doc E all I could to what you said is Amen!!!
I love it when someone thinks that a Pointer that retrieves is cool, but a Retreiver that points isn't [8D]
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Default RE: Pointing Labs

I like Tiger Mt. Pointing labradors better. Just my preference.
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Default RE: Pointing Labs


I definatley agree with you regarding the cold water, etc...however on just ability point, retrieve, etc., a good traditional (and it must be traditional) gsp or Deutsch Kurzhaar (german bred) is just as good a retriever as a wirehair. Of course the cold weather puts the gsp at a disadvantage, but in hot weather, the gsp is better in the uplands than any lab or wirehaired pointer. The gsp is a true "desert dog" if need be, while neither a lab nor a wirehaired pointer are going to fit that bill as well.

I guess what I am saying is that all three breeds fit the bill, I would look next at climate, and then finally at price.

Just so you know, I have both a gsp(traditional) and a lab (non-pointing) because I live where it is very very cold. I like both breeds, but I would not pay $1,500 for a lab that points, especially since most breeders can't even guarantee the pup WILL point (I did look into a PL at one time), and unless things have changed, I have never seen a breeder guarantee that the pups will point with a money-back or new-pup deal. So for me, if I could only have one dog in super cold climes, it would be a Deutsch Drathaar (I prefer the german registries) from a reputable breeder and about 1/3 the money of a PL.
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Default RE: Pointing Labs

There are several 'versatile' breeds that can be multidimensional in their hunting.The Weimaraner is a good example.They are top notch retrievers on land or water.They point,can be taught to range,but are a more closer hunting breed for upland.They are used as drug or rescue by law enforcement,etc.They are intelligent almost to a fault.One thing I would agree on,is their inability to retrieve in very cold water.Now, you'd have to hold them back,but they would be at risk in the cold water.In Nebraska upland hunting,the weims I hunt with will go,go,go even in blizzard conditions until told to stop. Males though, are susceptable to frostbite(you know where)!
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Default RE: Pointing Labs


Except that the yupie puppie syndrome has almost destroyed weims as a hunting breed. There are few breeders out there for field type weims, and the waiting lists are LOOOOONNNNGGGG when you find one.
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Default RE: Pointing Labs

AlaskaMagnum,I'll agree that the dude out east who dresses his dogs up for photos, and exploits his dogs to make money is a jerk,but there are good bloodlines out there.The popularity of the breed as a pet has not helped to preserve the good working bloodlines,but the labrador retriever breed has many,many more backyard matings and that breeds bloodlines are watered down imensely by overbreeding as well.Practically every vet or human society in the country has a lab or two to give away,and many are not nuetered.
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