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frustrated in the snow!

Old 02-26-2007, 07:40 PM
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Default frustrated in the snow!

Honestly I'm an idiot for not trying to coyote hunt sooner.
I have a ton of land I can hunt on and do extremly well with bowhunting whitetail on it! I have gone coyote hunting several times here. I know there are lots of them running around here, mainly by the tracks and the killed game! I have two farmers that really want me to do them a favor by taking some coyotes. But I just can't seem to find them. I have been hunting them to no avail. I think bad wind and freezing conditions are the main culprit!

Questions I have!
[ol][*]Which is better...Calling or baiting, obviously both would be optimum but which one gets more results?[*]How much does human scent deture the coyotes coming from downwind?[*]Do they have particular routes they may travel[/ol]
What is the best advice you could give a newB?

Thanks guys!
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Old 02-26-2007, 07:45 PM
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Default RE: frustrated in the snow!

1 i like calling better
2 they have an extremly good scense of smell and if they get any wiff of it thell be long gone, they try to circle down wind to catch you scent.
3 Yes they have routes, in my area i had 2 deer that i found dead about 100 yards appart next to a real thick willow patch out in a grassy bottom. The yotes have a glazed path from the willows to the deer and back and i see them there a lot.
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Old 02-26-2007, 08:30 PM
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Default RE: frustrated in the snow!

1. calling is better

2. There sence smell is extremly good, and yes wind and human scent is a factor!

3. IMOP in some ways there is routes they take but mostly not at least in what ive experienced. They do like to stick to fence rows and stuff though.
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Default RE: frustrated in the snow!

By the way i know what you mean about the snow being frustrating... i went out the other day and the snow was melting so there was basically a river under the snow and i walked right through it and i still had to walk about 1.5 miles to get back to the car, Not fun!!!! Ive also had some problems lately with yotes. I hear them all over the place but they wont come in.
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Default RE: frustrated in the snow!

baiting would be better, IF you had a lot of bait. By a lot, I mean one dead pig, cow, or other large animal to freshen a bait sight with regularly. The trick with baiting is having enough to be able to replace the eaten portion often enough to keep the coyotes coming back for more. Once coyotes find a easy, consistant source of food, they will come back time after time.
Since most of us don't havethat kind of source for bait, calling is more practical! Once you learn how to do it, you will get results. Start with basic rabbit distress. If you've ever heard a rabbit in distress, that's the sound you need to mimic!
As was said, if a coyote smells human, game over. Their sense of smell is better than the whitetail, and the coyote doesn't stand around wondering if the human just passed through, is near, or is far. It will simply turn around and go back the way it came. Don't expect a coyote to cross your tracks and keep coming. they won't!
When coyotes come to the distress call, how they come and how fast they come will depend on many factors. How hungry they are, if they are the dominant coyote in the territory, if the sound is in their comfort zone, etc. In general, the coyotecoming through dense cover will probably come through the easiest path, but a coyote in a more open area will take the shortest route, up tothe point where it decides to cut to the downwind side which can vary greatly from one coyote to the next.
The biggest thing is for you to have an idea where the coyote is when you start calling. You'll want to sit in a place that you can see downwind, force the coyote to expose itself in the open, if it wants to smell youit has to expose itself to you first. That's where you want to shoot before it has the chance to smell you!The coyote may deside to take a straight line to you, if given cover to do so. Not all coyotes use caution when coming, so they all don't always try to smell the situation, especially if given cover that they can use to get close to the source of sound.

Best advice, if you've never heard a rabbit in distress, you need to findsomewhere that you can listen to the sounds you are trying to mimic.The better you can sound distressed, in general, the better predator response you will get!
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Default RE: frustrated in the snow!

I know what its like hunting with snow all the time, its a hassle. I live in Eastern Kansas and I too coyote hunt but in the winter it was adifficult because, every time the smow started to melt it snowed again and again. Seemed endles.
Wind is a very important facter
I dont know about routes
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Default RE: frustrated in the snow!

Let me set the scene for you.

There is a farm that I call coyotes on. On that farm they also raise cattle. The cattle are kept in corals (sp?) throughout the winter months. When a cow dies, they haul them off to a specific part of the farm.

I called two coyotes out of their den that was located less than a 100 yards from where the dead cattle were hauled to and not one of the 4 deads had been snacked on.
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