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I'm beginning to think this site...

Guns Like firearms themselves, there's a wide variety of opinions on what's the best gun.

I'm beginning to think this site...

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Default RE: I'm beginning to think this site...

Indeed. 20mm Oerlikon guns are a bit heavy to lug around....I hope that we do not need to resort to those, just to successfully hunt Whitetail deer. They probably aren't very comfortable to carry all day....to say nothing about their awkwardness in heavy brush. .....
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Default RE: I'm beginning to think this site...

ORIGINAL: Hunter06FlKy

i know seriously. what is this world coming too?????

zrex first they were saying a 243 was too small now a 30-06????? no seriously what is this world coming too????
I'm not so sure daddy looked all that hard for it. I have seen people not look for a deer for more than 20 minutes and call ita day and then blame the caliber. Only for me to go look for their deer and find it.
To me a 30-06 is a big game rifle, elk , moose, bear etc. Thats the reason I dont own one, aint got none of them critters in Texas.
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Default RE: I'm beginning to think this site...

About 8 years ago...i purchased my 1st rifle. I remember exactly what i asked the gentleman behind the counter. I asked him what gun I could use to hunt most wild game in the north east of the country. gave me alot of choices. Out of those choices,I chose the all around, boring 30-06.Or as you would call "pansy gun". When i began researching this gun, not only did i find that it can take claim to harvesting more big game in north america than any other from the 1960's and prior , but that it was also very versatile as well. I found that you could load it with 55 grain accelerator bullets and shoot coyote. I could also load it with 150 - 180 grain and hunt any medium sized game in North America. And if i so chose i could load with even heavier bullet grains and kill large game like elk and moose. Or as the famous Jack connor said ( who is one of the better hunters of his era) he said ..." I have taken many grizzly bears with my 30- 06 . All i do is load them with 220 grain bullets and i would never doubt its ability. after all I have seen the majority of the bears i have takenwith particular round break through both shoulders and hit pay dirt on the other side." On top of researching its versatility,I was even more amazed when i took my "little" rifle to the gun club. I noticed after ashort period of practice, i was hitting the center of the target (an area about the size of a silver dollar) , and filling it with all 20 rounds from a box @ 155 yds. And what was more amazing than that was i did time after time and there were no straggler bullets that even went outside the area of a silver dollar. 1 year later my close friend and hunting partner purchased a 300 win mag. "Boy did he brag that gun up!!!!!!!" Oh boy, this gun can knock down mountain elephants at 900 yards. Oh boy the bullets come out at 3800 fps. With much anticipation, we went to the range. To be honest, i was kinda nervous. All the hype around these magnum cartriges, i thaught something miraculous was about to occur when he sat on the bench rest. I fired my first 2 boxes and let himproceed toshoot. I wimpered away with my tail between my legs as he pulled out the bullets. He fired his first shot. Wow!!!! was it loud. .......But much to my amazement....the boards holding the targets up were still standing and so were the trees and the dirt pile behind them!!!! I asked him how it was. He didnt say much and he acted a bit quiet. he fired the second shot. BOOM!!!!! but it hit the gravel 50 yards before the target....the same with the 3rd shot and the fourth and the 5th. then came the tree branches falling down over the targets ( which were 10 foot above it) bullets were hitting everything. ( this is with rifled sights too.) I was beginning to wonder if this brand new gun's barrel was bent. We inspected it, and to no avail found nothing wrong. he fired 3 boxes and not 1 bulet could break paper even from 50 yds away. the next year, he baught a scope for it. ( THE SAME MESS HAPPENED ALL OVER AGAIN) He baught another scope and got his patterns to a little larger than a paper plate @ 90 yds. Now the gun sits in my room .HE GAVE IT TO ME!!!! I will have you know, I own 31 long guns. They range from 22 mags. to 378 weatherby. I also will mention that most of them i can shoot half dollar size groups out to 150 yds. with. Including a 338 win mag. the 378 i can hit a tennis ball (consistantly) at that range and i have a couple 243s that i will hit quarter size groups all day long with. I will also let everyone know thati have shot about 5 deer with that 30- 06 and everyone of then it has destucted.I hit it in the vitals, and when we skin them, the whole rib cage on the exiting side is blown out and bone fragmets shoot into the front quarters and we lose alot of meat on every deer. now i have shot 12 whitetails with my shotgun in southern zone and none has had ruined meat. Now i use an even teenier gun to hunt up north with. I use my 243 and it does a fine job. And i have pretty good range with it too. So if you ask me.... I will never knock any magnum or big cartidge for that matter. ( I own and shoot plenty) But i will say this, I dont like standard vehicles...and why should i if they make automatics. If i dont need to use it, then why would I ? For the same reason street rodders like standard shift cars...( CUZ THEY SOUND GOOD) and for attention!!!!!!! And that is why people gotta use 300 win mags ( OR LARGER) for whitetail deer. So do ya need a 300 win mag to kill deer with? I dont think so. Not after what i have seen my 30 -06 do.AndI will never find out what my buddy's 300 win mag will do as far as damage to a deer (THATS CUZ HE WILL NEVER HIT ONE WITH IT IF HE TRIED) Thats why i believe in good shot placement over big hulking guns. Because while the guys are back at camp( polishing their mags)talking about the one that got away, i will be walking in with my teeny tiny .243 and a deer will be outside hanging from the rafters. (REMEMBER I DONT KNOCK ANY GUN FOR ANY SIZE) I just believe in a little thing called "OVER KILL" And I think it is done too much especially on North American medium sized game. Ill hunt my deer with a .243 anyday... write back and tell me about your squirrel hunts with a .416 rigby.
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Old 08-05-2005, 09:15 PM
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Default RE: I'm beginning to think this site...

Use the right bullet and the 30-06 will do no more meat damage than any other legal deer caliber. You need to use a tougher bullet if you are getting to much meat damage. Also shot placement is important if you wish to spare damaged meat. Use a 180 grain bullet and slow it down a bit and the results will be much better. I have shot probably 75 deer or so with the 30-06 and 308. To much velocity will cause a lot of bloodshot meat. Of course meat damage is a relative term.
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Default RE: I'm beginning to think this site...

very very well said buckstalker!!! i agree with you completely!!!
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Default RE: I'm beginning to think this site...

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Default RE: I'm beginning to think this site...

[1] the right bullet is very important like a 150gr.REMINGTON "PREMIER SCIROCCO BONDED" why shoot a 180 gr and loose ur ballistic ..[2] shot placement is very important ,a bullet through the rib cage will collaps both lungs , no meat loss there ,and NEVER EVER SHOOT INTO THE SHOULDER .
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Default RE: I'm beginning to think this site...

It's curious how two examples of the 06 failing on deer turns into ALL MAGNUM HUNTERS THINK THE06 IS'NT BIG ENOUGH FOR DEER. Especially in light of the fact that one of the examples said it wasn't just the caliber.Gimmea break! THAT is exactly what red was talking about when he started this thread, you cant handle the mags so anyone who can and does is an idiot?!? not a very productive attitude.VERY few people (that includes the magnum crowd)will say that the 06 is'nt enough for deer.
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Default RE: I'm beginning to think this site...

O BOY ..let it be said that the 30-06 is more than enough for deer ..i bought my REMINGTON 700 in 1977 and let me tell u the only moose,bear,caribou and deer that walked away from me were bad shots on my part ...last year i bought my 300wsm for my personel satisfaction .not because the 30-06 wasn't powerful enough ..
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