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 dogs running the woods. >

dogs running the woods.

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dogs running the woods.

Old 10-31-2007, 07:06 PM
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Default RE: dogs running the woods.

ORIGINAL: bawanajim


well idk about were u live but around here ppl don't tolerate taht them dogs will go missing but if tehy are chasinng deer keep an eye on kids or u'r dogs i ahd a beagal killed by wild dogs. if it were me i'd c how themdogs like a 80 grain .243 bullet. hit 1 n bet teh other leaves n if any-1 says anything tell tehm lease laws n if tehy don't ahve a collar tehn u mistaked them for coyotes or that they were wild!!!!!1 thats just me
I here yer ma calling ,butter git yer selfoffour yer bradr foalks cumacallin tar beein olders rilin fer vitls n stuf.
Ican'tbreathstop it!!
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Old 10-31-2007, 07:09 PM
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Default RE: dogs running the woods.

Wild dogs suck and I have known people that would kill them, but I never could. You never know if
it is someone's pet and I've had too many dogs to do it anyway.

If regular it will be bad for your deer sightings. But if the dogs aren't regular on your place it can be
a good opportunity. Deer hate dogs and will run from a dog bark much quicker than most other things,
so if you are set up you might catch a good buck sneaking out. Last year I had a nice doe come by
at 10 yards with a dog chasing her. I didn't hear the dog at that point and with her looking back
all nervous I just knew Mr. Mossy Horns was back there. As soon as she moves past me - woof, woof. [:@]
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Old 10-31-2007, 07:52 PM
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Default RE: dogs running the woods.

LeBeau, I thought the same as you until it happened to me a couple of times. Then I realized that (1) I shouldn't shoot at a running deer, and (2), if I saw a deer looking back, I'd probably wait for Mr.Bighorns to arrive and not realize I should shoot at thefirst deeruntil it was too late. There's a small chance that a dog running deer might produce a real shot opportunity, but I htink it's pretty unlikely.

I really like dogs, in general. I think that most of them are great, sometimes even admirable,animals. I wouldn't shoot at a dog with any collar on it (except maybe with a BB or pellet gun) unless I'd already had a talk with the owner and come to a realization that the owner just didn't give a dang and the dogs just weren't going to stop running deer on my land. I figure an owner like that doesn't warrant consideration and the dogs are probably being mistreated/neglected anyways.A dog without a collar is not much better than a coyote, IMO, and no one is likely to miss it. I think I'd shoot any dog, collar or not, with something less than lethal force first, as a warning, before I'd shoot with something that would be likely to kill it, no matter what the laws are.
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Old 11-01-2007, 05:02 AM
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Default RE: dogs running the woods.

Ok fella,looks like you have been a member here for about 30 seconds and your wanting to give lessons on ethics,1st of all most of us here are deer hunters,for BIG deer,not some scrubby lil fork horns ,and i set on stand 12 hrs most days ,daylight till dark ,and to have some junky lil mutt come by barking and raising he##,at every deer they jump just to push them to another farm ,well that aint cool...now if you want to get on the phone and call your lil dog catcher and have him come out there running all over your spot and doing worst damage you do that.now if some lil pooch comes up to me waggin his tail im not gona blast him ,ill load him up and take him to town and drop him off,if i can catch him,but a true deer chasing dog [stray ,wild ]when it sees a man he takes out like wildfire now thats the ones you want to remove for good as soon as possible.these are the same ones that kill livestock as well.and someone said something but stray ferrel house cats also,,,they will ruin your baby rabbit ,birds ,turkey chicks just anything they can catch and kill ,and most of the time kill it and walk away,,just to kill..we hunt them also..so everyone needs to do what they see fit on there farm or where they hunt.And dont judge someone for trying to better there deer hunting spot.
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Old 11-01-2007, 08:06 AM
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Default RE: dogs running the woods.

what does me being a new member to this forum or where i live have anything to do with ethics? how do you know what kind of deer i hunt? i don't know how long you've been a member and don't care. i know more about your upbringing than you know about mine...................tony
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Old 11-01-2007, 08:16 AM
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Default RE: dogs running the woods.

dont know what you hunt or where ,dont care,your probably not much one ,,with a punk attitude like you have,,you must be a kid ,sounds like about 14 maybe,then you want to talk like you know how someone was raised ,,cant argue with an idiot ,not going too,so your one day here with us is all we want ,you can sign off,go join a peta forum.
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Old 11-01-2007, 09:20 AM
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Default RE: dogs running the woods.

i'm about 3 times that old. people like you do more damage to hunting than peta will. getting on here boasting about smoking snoopy, like you've stopped a problem. went in truth you are just starting problems. your comments get taken out of context and the next thing we hear from peta is were all dog killers........tony
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