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Newbie Gun Caliber question

Old 05-05-2005, 02:48 PM
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Default RE: Newbie Gun Caliber question

ORIGINAL: max the dog
I've dropped a deer out to 225 yards with a 30-30 so it can be done.
For real? ....'splain how you did that!

For the originator of this thread.... I agree with the other 30-30 owners out there. The legendary 30-30 is a classic lightweight, easily carried, 100-150 yard rifle. The ammo can be had for as cheap as $9.95 a box. The recoil is nothing compared to the 30-06 or a 12GA shotgun.

Here's a rough idea (for whatever it's worth)
.22LR - no real hard kick/recoil
.25-06 - a mild tap on the shoulder
.270 - taps you on the shoulder
.30-30 - a little harder tap, letting you know you just fired a weapon
.30-06 - a hard tap to the shoulder and means business
300 WSM - doesn't tap but punches your shoulder!
12GA shotgun, 3" mag #00 buck - punches your shoulder hard
12GA shotgun, 1oz slug - will kick your a$$ and spins you around if not paying attention!

Butch A.
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Old 05-06-2005, 06:12 AM
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Default RE: Newbie Gun Caliber question

ORIGINAL: houtsdg

Looking to buy my first rifle. I would like it to be of a caliber that will take down a deer and be fairly affordable to plink with. Is there such a caliber? Secondly, what is the difference between .30-.06 and .30-.30? Thanks!
Houtsdg, ask yourself how you will use the rifle, if you will use it from 20 yards out to possibly 250 to 300 yards then rule out the 30/30. Its a great gun but very limited to what it can do. The 30/06 is another great gun, but now you must think about recoil, the size of the gun which equals weight, and the price of ammo. I highly suggest the .308 for several reasons. 1. it will take down nearly all north American game species. 2 it will weight less when lugging it around deer country. 3 it will cost less to shoot then alot of 06 rounds. If the military trusts the .308 for its snipers then you can trust it for deer out to 300 yards with a good zero. not to mention you will have a caliber different from alot of your buddies who propably shoot the ole trusty 06 or 30/30. Good luck!!
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Default RE: Newbie Gun Caliber question


ORIGINAL: max the dog
I've dropped a deer out to 225 yards with a 30-30 so it can be done.
For real? ....'splain how you did that!

Butch A.
Well with a bolt action rifle using pointed bullets it ain't gonna be hard especially if you've sighted it in for something other than the standard 100 yards. An iron sighted rifle sighted in at 150 is only 2" high at 100, and only 5" low at 200 so you won't be shootin' over deer at normal .30-30 range. If you spot one on the other side of a clearing you just might have a chance at him too.
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Default RE: Newbie Gun Caliber question


ORIGINAL: max the dog
I've dropped a deer out to 225 yards with a 30-30 so it can be done.
you must be 4ft tall and steped it off. J/K I dont like 30-30s they do limit you and I have seen far more deer wounded with a 30-30 than with a 270 or 30-06. You can be far more sure of your self starting out using a bigger gun.
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