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Default RE: Poachers

scum bags poachers and thieves will be theirs in the next life
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Default RE: Poachers

We have also had thes problems a few years ago a neighbor came up to my father inlaws and said he shot a deer and it ran onto his property and could he drive up and pick up. will later we went up there and found right were the deer died blood all over but no blood trail any where started looking around and found his scent canisters in the trees and a spot where he had stood in by aceder abroke off the branches. nice buck probably scored 140 or so. This year about six thirty one morning they heard a shot a got to the window just in time to see someone pull down there the fields and jump out and drag a deer into his truck father in law tried to catch him but the guy drove through the fieldto another drive had to be doing eighty or better because pa could not even get close. hard to believe these people acn be proud of these deer.
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Default RE: Poachers

NY did I mention that I'm a part-time trapper?

You know those big (illegal) bear traps? Guess what!?!
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Default RE: Poachers

Aught Six I highly disagree wity you. These poachers are scum bags. If they have the nerve to kill deer for trophy then you don't know what they could do to you.
Yes, they are scum. That's why I'd approach a poacher expecting a fight. He makes a move on you and you shoot his ass. I really don't have any sympathy for them, and I stand by my right to defend myself from bodily harm.
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Default RE: Poachers

Aught six I was just going to say in the story if they do shoot at you then shoot back. Self defense. I guess I forgot.
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Default RE: Poachers

Aught six I was just going to say in the story if they do shoot at you then shoot back. Self defense. I guess I forgot.
Damn straight! There are some real Arschlöcher out there, and I'm not going to let them break the law on my land or threaten me. Believe me, I'm young and I've got to look forward to in life; getting into a gunfight is the last thing I want to do right now. Then again, I'm not going to be any kind of victim, whether as a property owner or someone being threatened with deadly force. They ask for it, they'll get it. I'll I can do is hope that I'm faster and steadier.
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Default RE: Poachers

how do the cops know he shot frist?
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Default RE: Poachers

How do they know????? Forensics...crime scene ananlysis! (And...don't ever lie after a shooting....or you are already guilty of a serious crime....perjury. And it makes you appear guilty of much more!)

Even if they are scum....if you escalulate and or precipitate a confrontation...you have reduced or nullified your "legal" claim to self defense. You can go gather information.....you can inform someone they are trespassing...you can notify law enforcement....but you can not "instigate" a confrontation and expect a "sympathetic ear" from the grand jury on a claim of self defense.

Let law enforcement officers....enforce the law. (Or have a really "GOOD" lawyer on retainer...and pray for good luck!)
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Default RE: Poachers

After almost 20 years working with and in law enforcement I can say that poaching is probably the easiest crime to commit and get away with. Everyday we get calls from people that have found deer that poachers have killed. A lot of the deer that these scum kill are only missing the head and or rack. Our county is roughly the size of the state of rhode island and most of it farm and national forest with only 2 game wardens to cover the entire area. By using scanners and radios, the location of game wardens and other law enforcement is not a secret.

Getting tag numbers off vehicles and describtions of people is a big help, confronting these people usually leads to bigger problems. I know it is best to let the officers handle it, but thats not always a winning option. Maybe stiffer penalties for the people that are caught may be an answer. West Virginia just passed new penalties for bear hunting violations and that seems to have slowed that problem down a lot, the best that I can remember is: 1st offense up to 6 months in jail and loss of hunting AND fishing liscense for 1 year, 2nd up to one year in jail, loss of hunting AND fishing lisc. for 5 years (not real sure on that one) 3rd offense loss of hunting AND fishing lisc. for life and 1-5 years in state pen.

Any thoughts on stiffer penalties for deer violations?
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Default RE: Poachers

Taking away poachers hunting license? That doesn't seem like a penatly at all.
Here, (NC), they take your gun, vehicle, hunting/fishing license for a year, and you get 30 days in jail. That's the first offense.

Now trespassers are different. $200.00 ticket. IF CAUGHT IN THE ACT.

Only warnings if not caught in the act.
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