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Default RE: Poachers

most Gamewardens couldn't catch a poacher if they nuked the whole county they worked in
I know, but I wouldn't feel right not contacting them. I have a lot of respect for all game laws, even if the enforcers don't always get the job done. A man/woman has to defend and protect his/her own land, but if I can get a GW to come and get his hands dirty and make an arrest, less work for me.
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Default RE: Poachers

Last week my brother found 2 whole deer beside one of our greenfilds. No meat was gone but the antlers had been cut off. On top of this we found horse tracks all over our property. These scum are not only poaching, but they're doing it at night. That's a real problem for a GW to overcome. I intend on leaving some pretty serious messages on signs around our place & I'm also putting a couple of game cams out. I'll have to lock them down & chain them to the tree & hope these a**holes don't notice the cameras. I don't know what else to do.
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Default RE: Poachers

that sucks. but it's a better poaching story than most i hear ...at least they took the meat and didn't let it rot.
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Default RE: Poachers

I was talking to some people yesterday that mentioned that there was some people hunting a place in Iowa that they own. They noticed that there was some vehicle there from out of state hunting on their property. They went over to confront them and tell them to get off their land. The out of staters pulled their guns on them and kicked them off of their own property at gun point. You have to be very carefully when you do this...apparently even on your own land. Some people are crazy enough to pull anything to hunt even if it means doing a lot of illegal things. I would definitely contact the proper authorities before you take matters into your own hands. The land owners didn't even get the plate number on the vehicle parked on their land.
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Default RE: Poachers

By all means don't take a gun when confronting poachers. Get descriptions and license numbers and let the law do their job.

You might drive around at night and record license numbers of any cars you find parked.

Put your local law enforcement phone number on your cell phone so it is at hand.

Don't take any chances with poachers and don't have any reservations about turning in neighbors and locals.

There is a digital game camera on the market that does not flash when taking a picture. It makes no noise either, so poachers have no idea they are getting caught. I had a trail cam stolen this summer by a trespasser who got caught on film. It was a regular flash-style camera so he knew it was there.

I plan to get a couple of the digital cameras so I can catch the SOB.

Stay safe and good luck!

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Default RE: Poachers


catch them yourself
Having done that, it's never a bad idea to make your own rounds through the property with a 12 gauge in hand. A show of force gets the message across better than anything else.
Aught Six I highly disagree wity you. These poachers are scum bags. If they have the nerve to kill deer for trophy then you don't know what they could do to you. If you had to catch them yourself, I would bring the 12 gauge and sit up in my tree stand. Don't sit on the ground. They could think your a deer and shoot you. Wait till you see them. When you see them, don't let them know your their. Call the gw quietly and say I have them on my property now. Get out here. If they do catch you act like you were deer hunting. Don't make it look obvious you were out to get them. Neb.buckhunter. I agree with you. Call the gw first and see what they say. Also LLBUX I do agree with you. If you were out to get them I would take a weapon but wouldn't make it obvious I had one. Like a pistol.
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Default RE: Poachers

Heres what I did/

I had a problem in the early season with trespassing. I found a grunt call at my stand. So I post the land (10acres) and haven't had a problem since, until last night.

I used my climber and go up about 30' to see the next ridge. I'm in there about 4:00pm. Well about 4:45pm I hear something. I look back and see this guy sneaking into my stand. (My ladder stand is on the other tree about 50yds away but I used my climber to see more area.) And he comes on in looks around and has a seat in my stand. I'm mad! And I thought about slinging and arrow by him or in him. But I decided against that. So I sit there for about 15 min. Mad as hel.
My next step may upset some of ya'll. Sorry but this is what I did!
I get down and walk right by him. He doesn't move. So I go to the truck and call the law. I figure he will leave if I don't so I found his truck and used some needle nose pliers and pulled his vavle stem out of his front tire. So I know he's stuck! Then I leave. I go up the road about 3 miles and wait for the law.
The law comes by and ask's whats up. I tell them and follow them to the truck. He is still in my stand!!! The law ******s him to his truck and writes him a ticket. Ask's me if I want to press charges and I say yes. We give info to the law, then we leave.
This am I go by there and his truck is still there but he ain't. So I called to have it towed away. AT 9:00am this am, the towing co. called me and said as they were leaving with his truck he came by riding with another person and was raisin hel to get his car off the lift. The towing guy told him it would be $150.00 to drop the truck there or he could come get it at the garage and it would be $200.00 Well he don't have the money on him so he has to get it later for $200.00

Towing= $200.00
Going to court=?$

Getting revenge= PRICELESS!!
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Default RE: Poachers

very resourceful solution farmcntry. I'd be keeping an eye out now though. People with that mentality won't take that lightly.
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Default RE: Poachers

who doesnt hate poachers ?
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Default RE: Poachers

Today the game warden was supposed to be out to take a look.
I wish it would be easier to look for this guy but it isnt gonna be. Only about 3 guys ever bow hunt this property but gun season is a different story! I didnt hunt there at all durring gun season. Within these 4 fields there was 12 guys and only 2 does got killed. Muzzle loader there was 8 guys and I dont know how many deer they killed. If there wasnt so many people, or even if I knew all of the guys out there, it might be easier but with so many people and me not knowing them all, this will be dang near impossible. I am gonna start driving out there at night and looking for vehicles parked at the places where all the guys park. Hopefully this idiot will screw up and park at one of these spots some evening and I will get the plate# and call the warden back.
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