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Favorite skinning knife?

Old 09-24-2003, 10:19 AM
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Default Favorite skinning knife?


I have several sheath knives, but none of them is a " skinner." What do you use and do you use a gut hook?

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Default RE: Favorite skinning knife?

I have been using an old Coleman/Western skinning knife for about twenty years now. It has never failed me! It has a stainless blade and a rubber handle. It holds a good edge and the rubber handle has a good feel to it. It will probably last me the rest of my life, if I don' t retire it.
Coleman/Western has changed names now. I have been seeing a knife just like mine with a Buckmasters label on it. The only difference is the new model has a gut hook.
I have always wanted something with a gut hook, but I really have never punctured the guts before.
Anyway, the knife I have cost me about fifteen dollars, assuming that it will last me many more years, I' d have to say that it was one of the biggest bargains I' ve ever bought!
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Old 09-24-2003, 03:01 PM
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Default RE: Favorite skinning knife?

I am not sure if you are looking for gutting/feild dressing knives or actual skinning knives (some use them for both while other prefer different tools for different tasks). Personally I am the type each task requires a different tool. For field dressing and carrying on my belt or in my pack I have the following:

- 3.5" foldling Blade knive with non-slip handle (Gerber)
- Alaskan Blade Trader with saw, gut hook, drop & boning/fillet knife
- Sagen Pelvis Saw

Most times I drop the guts where the animal lies to reduce the drag weight in doing this I use just a regular knife either the 4" drop or folding knife & my sagen pelvis saw. Leaving the hide on.

To actually skin I like to hang the animal from the rear legs, but always start both rear hams and front shoulder on the ground. My knife of choice when skinning is a Victorinox boning knife -stiff 6" long. I like a knife that comes back to me when skinning, not straight & a shallow blade. I have found this gives me more control and less meat nick. I always steel when skinning so that I have to put minimal pressure when releasing the hide, this leaves less hair on the carcass.

Caping a skull I use a Victorinox Caping knife, which is similar to a paring knife, except not as deep.

Of course to bone I use the Victorinox boning knives & steel very frequently.

So you see I am one who believes each task needs a special tool and proper edge to get the best results. My hunting knives that I carry are all 30-35% edges, however my boning knives are 25%.

Yes they all work but it depends on what you are use to and like to use.
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Old 09-24-2003, 03:20 PM
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Default RE: Favorite skinning knife?

In the field, I use a Gerber Gator to field dress. The rubber grip is nice to have when the fingers are bloody & slippery. Plus I carry a Case pocket knife just in case the Gator gets dull (which it usually doesn' t).

When I skin back at my house, I use an Old Timer Sharpfinger.
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Default RE: Favorite skinning knife?

If I' m skinning a deer and it' s still warm, I will use any knife on me. I mostly use my hands and just work them inbetween the skin and muscle. Works alot faster than a knife. I really only use my knife then to get me started.

If I' m skinning a deer that is cold, I use my buck #105 (maybe it' s 104?) fixed blade
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Default RE: Favorite skinning knife?

for the last couple years i have used my leatherman multi-tool to gut and skin my kills. it got two blades and a saw in one, must admit i' ve used knives that were much better suited to the job but can' t beat the convenience of the multi-tool ...and that serrated blade stays sharp!!
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Default RE: Favorite skinning knife?

The skinning knife I have just says " Wyoming" on it. It has a reversable, removal blade, one end for gutting, opening, and the other for skinning. The handle is hard rubber, I thnk. Given to me by a departed cousin, who got it in Jackson Hole years ago. It' s the cat' s meow and I think of " Bob" with every deer I skin.
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Default RE: Favorite skinning knife?

Thanks guys!

I guess I technically don' t need a " skinner" per se, as in the past I' ve only gutted my deer and lerft the rest to my butcher. Unfortunately I live in the city in an apartment and I' m afraid my neighbors wouldn' t take to kindly to me trussing up a deer and making chops out of it on the back porch.

Last time I did gut a deer was back in college using a a KaBar USMC knife. DId the job, I just wasn' t wondering if maybe one of those so called " skinners" would be of benefit. I guess until I get my own place the question of me actually skinning/boning my deer is moot.

Thanks very much for your time on this guys, greatly appreciated.
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Default RE: Favorite skinning knife?

I bought a Kodi or Griz Pack from Cabelas a few years back. What a waste of money. I never use it. I use a small Gerber or a small Buck knife, whichever I happen to grab for gutting the deer. In terms of skinning it, I use butchers knives a friend gave me.
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