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ground hunting

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Default ground hunting

I have made a ground blind out of wooden pallets. For ground blind hunting you are sitting there eye level with the deer. How do you make sure they dont see you?
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Default RE: ground hunting

Deerhunter1224 ,
in 2 words: break up , motionless .
If your blind won' t be relocated in the future plant honeysuckle around it to provide break up and scent cover . It also serves as browse for deer after the ag crops are gone .

I primarily hunt from pop up ground blinds , and I' ve observed that they can' t see me unless I move too much . The blind is in a pattern that closely resembles the backgrounds where I go . I keep the windows zipped up to narrow slits to conceal my outline and motion but still allow me to see all around me .

What part of IN. are you located in ? I' m in Harrison Co. down near Louisville .
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Default RE: ground hunting

do u leave ur pop up blind in the timber all the time? i dont think that u would but i was just wondering, and if u do, dont the deer smell it? who_else
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Default RE: ground hunting

i hunt out of a few old dead downed trees that fell years ago...nothing left but the trunks mainly..a few trees grew up in the pile and we lean on the downed trees and put up some sticks and logs we found around us to break us up more...we wear the minimal orange also...we are 2 miles back and barely see anyone back there so we arent worried about getting shot or anything...the area is a funnel and we set up so people using trails moving and coming in spook the deer in our direction and the come right by us so that helps that the really dont have many other options and are already running for their lives so they kinda let their guard down...first light they are very skittish and weary....but after about an hour or 2 they are snooping through trying not to get shot....most of the time they see us when its too late....weve taken 5 deer from there in 2 years hunting 3 days and only hunting a few hours each day....its a pretty productive hole...we dont wait for bucks or anything so that helps us get deer but we see about 5 deer an hour or so so its a pretty good spot id say...we also arent scent control freaks....i wash our clothes in plain water and dry them inside out because i heard the dryer will put UV on the outside...dont know if its true or not but i still do it....then i hang them on the line until dark just to get some outside scent and thats about it....we tried to find a spot that the wind is good but days it isnt we still hunt it..keep movement and noise to a minimal and you should be ok...heck my dad rustled a plastic bag to get a sandwhich and had to put down the sandwhich to shot a deer once...it works for us year after year.......good luck....deer hunting doesnt have to be all complicated...
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Default RE: ground hunting

Depending on location and thickness of the woods you are hunting in, you could sit against the base of a large oak and see plenty of deer. How ever you hunt from the ground, it is always best if you break-up your outline. One other major thing and the most important for ground hunting is cover scent. You will get winded faster on the ground, so be prepared.
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Default RE: ground hunting

Also if you are on the ground,MOVE SLOW!!Very slow.
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Default RE: ground hunting

who_else ,
no I don' t leave it up overnight , I' m ashamed to admit it but my state has thieves too . [:@] I set up fresh each time , that was one of the larger reasons I went to a pop up blind , portability . I can find a promising spot and be ready to rock in 5 minutes . I' m always careful to inspect the background so the blind won' t stand out from it .

No , the deer don' t smell it since I air it out frequently and spray it with cover scent like Fresh Earth or acorns .
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Default RE: ground hunting

I have a few ground blinds on my property and they work great! The ground blinds I have are built of wood and are there year-round. The most common size I have are 4x4 square and 6 feet tall with a 2 foot overhang front and rear on the roof. I build them out of T-111 or Plywood and the bottom of my shooting windows are 40 inches from the ground. I make the windows 2 feet tall. I then can paint the outside in a camo pattern or wrap it in camo burlap etc… I also take limbs and place on the roof and one two of my ground blinds I even have made the roof into a big planter box and have planted wild grape vines, wild rose vines in it or kudzu. The vines then grow and help cover the stand blending it in. I have one ground blind that sits in kudzu and you can not even tell it is there even if your looking at it. I also always cover the windows with camo burlap and cut slits in it so you can see out it easily and be able to stick your gun through it. One other thing I always do is paint the inside a dark color such as black or line the inside with camo burlap also. I know this seems extreme but I hunt on private property and sometimes I feel you must get extreme or go the extra mile to get that big buck. I should also point out that my ground blinds are overlooking 3 to 5 acre food plots and I set them as far back in the woods as possible with a good shooting lane that will cover the whole food plot. I also use a tractor and disk an 8 foot wide walk way to the back on the ground blind. I always set up my stands (both ground, tower and ladder) where I enter and exit from the back and through cover so the deer wont see me as I approach. I have entered and left the stands many times while deer were in the food plots and they never knew I was there. If a deer ever makes me, I either move the stand or will not hunt it again that season. That’s just the way I am though and am fortunate enough to be able to hunt private land that I am in control of. Our season here begins Aug. 15th and runs through Jan. 1st so I also have small battery operated fans in my ground blinds to help keep me from sweating in the summer and I use small propane heaters in them as it gets colder. Sorry for the long response but hopefully you or somebody else might get an idea or two and they might be helpful!! Good luck!! CDH
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Default RE: ground hunting

I like to hunt on the ground but I got sick of carrying my blind around with me, plus I felt like the deer noticed it too much sometimes, so I decided I' d start WEARING my blind. I invested in a good set of leafy camo with covers for my head and hands and I have never been happier. If you sit still, work the wind and dont make any sudden moves, deer will practically step on you without seeing you. Easy and convenient, too.
Good luck,
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Default RE: ground hunting

I have 2 different ghillie suits for just that reason . My blind is light , but I always trip over it while still hunting ...
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