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Hunting with Mtn bikes?

Old 06-09-2003, 02:09 PM
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Default Hunting with Mtn bikes?

Just curious if anyone use' s his/her mountain bike for hunting?

I' ve got a spot up in the Blue Ridge mountains that' s best accessed by riding a bike down the forest service road. The road is about 5mi long and runs straight down the ridge and provides great access to some remote hunting areas. Most hunters just walk down the road a few miles and then find a trail leading off into the woods and end up hunting just a few hundred yds off the road. It seems that few of these hunters will walk all the way down to the end of the road and hunt that area. The road is closed to all vehicles including quadrunners. So, I' ve decided the best way to get as far back as possible and cut down on my " walkin time" is to ride my mountain bike down to the end of the road. This will put me in area that' s under less pressure from other hunters and yet I' m only a few minutes ride from camp.

I' ve mounted the " V" grips on my handle bars so I can carry a gun or a bow on the front of the bike, but now I' m tryin to figure out a way to pull a small trailer behind my bike. I' ve got a deer cart with dual wheels and a canvas bottom, now if I can just figure out a way to attach it to the bike, I can use it to haul out a deer should I be so lucky!

Anyone else use mountain bikes to hunt with? any ideas on how to rig-up your bike?
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Default RE: Hunting with Mtn bikes?

have you ever seen those trail-a-bike things?? They hook up those on the seat post. Maybe you can make a rig similar to that.
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Old 06-09-2003, 10:49 PM
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Default RE: Hunting with Mtn bikes?

i really thought about it.....my hunting is like yours...a long hike to the middle of nowhere on nice cut game commision trails....most guys dont walk back that far...only thing is it would be heck riding out with a deer no matter what and pushing a bike and dragging a deer would be harder...and last year we had way to much snow...i could skiied back lol..i think riding a bike in the woods with a 150lb deer on a cart or anything would be a challenge...good luck....it would be a nice easy way to get back there though...
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Old 06-09-2003, 11:16 PM
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Default RE: Hunting with Mtn bikes?

When I tell people thats how me and my buddy get back to one of our mulie areas they laugh and shake their heads here. Nice to see we are the only ones who do this!!!! Where we bow hunt mulies is a pasture, all of our spots and stands are a good 5 miles from where we can park the truck (due to hunting a locked pasture in Bow season). A few years back we scouted by bike and thought it would maximize our time in the stand if we could bike in during hunting...bing on goes the light bulb and the rest is history. I sling my bow over my back and have a head light on my bike to help navigate in the dark. We built a game cart and used the same hitch system as those kiddie carts for pulling behind the bike. However when we load it up with a big mulie, it isn' t very easy to pull via bike, so we have now reverted to loading the animal and then the bike on top and pulling it ourself, which works ok. If the deer isn' t that huge I can' t see it being as much of a problem, our mulie bucks are well over 300 lbs on the hoof, so field dressed your dealing with a good 225 plus. I would suggest trying the kiddie cart hitch system. our bracket mounts to the seat post, we adapted it by creating a straight piece of alum from the u shaped pull handle straight to the bike. I assume yours maybe similar. All you' ll need is a piece of alum or steel and mount it to the handle of the cart and then a ring to slide onto the seat post(not tight fitting to allow movement of the cart when turning). Not sure if it will work riding but worth a try. Good Luck!
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Old 06-10-2003, 09:33 AM
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Default RE: Hunting with Mtn bikes?

Thanks for the ideas. I was just in the bike shop the other day looking at devices that I could use to attach a bar of some kind to my seat post. They make a device that attachs to the seat post and has a swivel that will turn with the bike. The bracket accepts a 1" square metal tubing that I can modify that to fit my deer cart.

I' m sure I' ll get a few laughs at deer camp this year as I' m ridin my bike & pullin a cart down the trail, but I bet they won' t be laughin when they see me ridin back out with a nice buck on my trailer.

Hmmmmmm........I wonder if I can find a camo bike helmet?
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Default RE: Hunting with Mtn bikes?

I used to hunt a WMA that was " walk-in only" . It was 5 miles to the river on two different trails. Most hunters only walked in a mile at best. I would ride my mtn. bike all the way in most times. I never had the fortune of killing a deer in there. If I did, I was going to rig a make-shift stretcher out of a couple of pine branches and some cord. Don' t know exactly how, but I would' ve figured it out
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Default RE: Hunting with Mtn bikes?

Montau released a bike to the public in 2000 I think it was that was originally sanctioned by U.S.A.F. paratroopers, it collapses to be not much larger than the wheels. It' s not a suspension bike, but it is a Y-yoke frame, so the flexion of the frame makes it good for hunting applications, and you can guarantee that being a Montau, let alone on a military sanction, it will stand the test of time! I can' t remember how much it weighs, but I remember thinking to myself at the time that it was impressively light, even compared to Ally-alloy frame mountain bikes. Wouldn' t be great if you were wanting to use a cart too, unless you built a collapsable cart, but it keeps someone from stealing your bike, since you can simply pack it with you.

I' ve used bikes a lot during hunts, I don' t as much as I used to, since I' m more dedicated specifically to morning blinds, and riding a bike in pitch black through the woods at 4am is more treacherous than it' s worth, but I used them for a lot of evening hunts, riding a bike (as long as it' s not a squeak box!) is quieter than me walking through the downed leaves, and crossing long spanses of pasture goes MUCH faster, for the scenario you described, I' d be riding! For all of my stuff, I' ve always packed it ALL on my person, so I didn' t depend on the bike for that (i.e. the gun rack on yours). Is your bike a quick break down (wheels that is?)? I wouldn' t plan on being able to ride your bike out with a deer in the cart, maybe on the ' road' , but definately not in the fields, unless you' re really lucky, so you' ll probably need a way to fit your bike on your cart with the deer, taking off your wheels would help this (I used to pack my bikes on my back like this, had some straps that locked the wheels on and cinched up the chain a bit, and kept the front fork parallel to the fram).

As far as the cart goes, just go to a bike shop, and check out the factory bike carts/kid carts, that' ll give you an idea of how to mount it, I think if I were building one, or converting an existing cart to fit a bike, I' d take a piece of pipe, cut it about 2.5" long, and cut through one side down the length, then weld two bolt and nut brackets to the gap side, then put bolts with wing nuts through them to fix it tight (slip it over the seat jack and tighten it). Then, I' d find a couple pieces of pipe, one that fits into the other, cut to whatever length will be handy for the length of your cart handles, and weld a large lag bolt into one a couple inches in (at least 3" in), then slip the other pipe into it over a bearing pack from a bike wheel, then weld a washer into the other end of it, slip that hole over the bolt, put in another bearing pack, and put on a washer and two nuts, torqued against eachother to keep them tight. Then, bore a hole through the clamp so you can access the nut still, and weld the clamp piece to the tounge piece, and do the same thing for a clamp on the other end to fit it to the handle on your cart, but put a STRONG hinge between the tounge and the clamp. Sounds like a lot, but it really wouldn' t be that bad, I promise that. Doing it this way would give you all the mobility you' d need.
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